Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish (37), who is sharing a meal with Kim Ha-seong in San Diego, is out for the season due to injury.

Darvish appeared in front of reporters ahead of the ‘2023 Major League’ game against the LA Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium on the 13th (Korean time) and revealed that it would be difficult for him to participate in the remaining games of this season.

Previously, Darvish appeared against Milwaukee on the 26th of last month (4 innings, 5 runs allowed) and was listed on the injured list on the 29th, 3 days later. The cause was an elbow injury.

Standing in front of reporters, Darvish said, “After the injury, I devoted myself to treatment, including receiving injections to suppress inflammation, but the pain continued. Based on the medical team’s decision, I decided not to throw any more games in the remaining games this season.” He added, “The team has performed well this season. “I am not able to reap the benefits, and I also feel responsible for this,” he said.

Darvish is a typical pitcher who frequently suffers from elbow injuries. In 2015, when he was with Texas, he underwent elbow ligament surgery (Tommy John surgery) and missed the entire season, and he also underwent arthroscopic surgery in 2018, when he played for the Chicago Cubs.

At the same time, the record for the most wins among Asians in history was put on hold.

Darvish, who entered the major league through posting in 2012, is in his 11th year in the big league this season and has recorded double-digit multipliers five times. In particular, this season, he was approaching the record for the most wins among Asians, including reaching 100 wins in his personal career.카지노

Among Asian pitchers, the pitcher with the most wins in the Major League is ‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho. Chan-ho Park has amassed 124 wins in his 17 years in the big league, and also holds the record for most innings with 1,993 innings, 7 innings shy of 2,000 innings.

Following Chan-ho Park, Hideo Nomo is in second place with 123 wins, followed by Darvish in third place with 103 wins. Since Darvish is now in his late 30s, it is not certain whether he will be able to close the gap with Chan-ho Park.

‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin is currently ranked 5th with the most wins among Asians with 78 wins. He returned this season and continues to pitch well, and if he adds two more wins, he can surpass Hiroki Kuroda, who has 79 wins.

Meanwhile, Darvish, who is called the best Japanese pitcher of all time, signed a large six-year contract worth $56 million with Texas in 2012, and hit the jackpot with the Chicago Cubs for six years and $126 million in 2018 when he became a free agent.

Darvish, who later moved to San Diego, had an outstanding record of 16 wins, 8 losses, and an ERA of 3.10 last year, so he canceled his existing contract, received a gift of $108 million over six years, and was able to continue his career as a player until 2028.

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