AS Roma knelt down on Capaldo’s winning goal before the end of the Europa League game against Red Bull Salzburg held at dawn on the 17th.안전놀이터

However, when the winning goal was scored, Salzburg coach Matthias Jaisle performed a ceremony running at the speed of light on the touchline. AC Milan manager Jose Mourinho’s face turned into an angry expression after seeing this. It is said that there is a story here.

England’s The Sun reported on the 17th that ‘Mourinho has a face like thunder as Salzburg coach copied the Porto touchline sprint celebration’. The ‘Thunderous Face’ is just the angry look, the ceremony he did in Porto almost 20 years ago.

Why did Mourinho make an angry face at the other coach’s ceremony? The reason is hidden in the title of the article. What he said ‘Porto 20 years ago’ is none other than Mourinho’s famous ceremony when he was coach of Porto 20 years ago.

It was a ‘Mourinho Ceremony’, but the opposing coach took the same pose right in front of his nose, and that was the goal that confirmed the team’s defeat, so Mourinho couldn’t help but be pissed off.

In particular, AS Roma was expected to win this match. Mourinho built a strong starting lineup including Tammy Abraham, Paulo Dybala and Nemanja Matic to win.

However, even in the one-sided match, AS Roma could not open Salzburg’s goal. In the end, before the end of the match, he suffered a bitter defeat by taking a single shot from Capaldo. It was a shock defeat for Mourinho.

The Sun said, “The angry Mourinho’s sigh seemed like the ground was cracking.” But Mourinho reportedly did the same thing while at Porto in March 2004. So he couldn’t protest even when he was heated, and he said that he showed his heart with an angry expression.

Mourinho roared along the touchline at Old Trafford when he scored the key goal that sealed a last-minute win over Manchester United in the then Champions League.

Fans who saw this look said on social media, “This is a pose I’ve seen before” or predicted, “Mourinho will do the same if he wins at home.”

Meanwhile, Mourinho said in an interview after the defeat, “This is football.”

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