“We have no boundaries.”

Pepper Savings Bank said goodbye to head coach Kim Hyeong-sil, who was the first coach at the beginning of this season, and is playing the season as acting head coach Lee Kyung-soo. 바카라 With the addition of national team libero Oh Ji-young and the remarkable growth of young players, they are showing better performance than last season, giving pain to road construction and Hyundai E&C.

However, we cannot remain as a team without a captain forever. Immediately after director Kim Hyung-sil left, Pepper Savings Bank recognized domestic and foreign leaders and signed a contract with one leader. It is a somewhat unfamiliar name to Korean volleyball fans. Aachen Kim (38) is the coach of the volleyball team at Brown University.

Director Aachen Kim was born in 1985 and graduated from Franklin and Marshall University. Coach Aachen Kim, who worked as a volleyball player at Cheltenham High School and Franklin and Marshall University, started his leadership career in earnest in 2009 at the Catholic University of America, George Washington University, and Houston Baptist University.

In 2013, he coached American University’s volleyball team, which won the Division I Patriot League championship from 2013 to 2017, advanced to the NCAA Tournament five years in a row, and advanced to the NCAA Round of 16.

Then in 2018, he took on his first head coaching job at Brown University, where he had been at Pepper Savings Bank. He showed his skills at Brown University. He accomplished the feat of advancing to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in Brown University history by raising the team to No. 1 in the Ivy League in 2021, three years after taking office, through recruiting prospects, nurturing players individually, and executing detailed tactics.

In particular, in 2021, he was selected as the ‘Ivy League Manager of the Year’ with a record of 13 wins and 1 loss. Five players under his guidance at the time won the ‘Best Defense Award’ and ‘Best Rookie Award’. It was the first time in Ivy League history that five Brown University players were named to the “Ivy League First Team” at the same time while leading the team. He showed an excellent aspect in developing players.

An official from Pepper Savings Bank, who had a phone call with MK Sports on the 17th, said, “I came to Korea in early and mid-March, and we are talking about working with the team right from the FA market. It seems that we will talk amicably with Brown University and join.”

“He is a leader with experience in taking the team to the top of the league. I expect to lead and grow the team by adding strength and vitality to Pepper Savings Bank, which is composed of young players.” Numerous leaders with deep bones in Korean volleyball often left the V-League in tears, but Pepper Savings Bank was not worried. They took a new path.

An official from Pepper Savings Bank said, “I was looking for the United States, especially the NCAA, and came into contact with coach Aachen Kim. It is said that there is no professional coaching experience, but isn’t there a lot of cases in Korea that come after being in charge of a high school or college coaching position? We have no boundaries,” he said.

An official who continued to speak said, “The United States is a volleyball powerhouse. Even though it was a college league, I spent 14 years as a coach there. I also know all about the habits and physical condition of players from the V-League who graduated from universities in the United States. It will also be of great help when working on outsiders later. Also, as I have been breathing with young players for a long time, it is expected to be of great help in nurturing young players on our team.”

Aachen Kim, born and raised in the United States. It is said that his parents left Korea and immigrated to the United States. He is used to life in the US, so he doesn’t have much information about Korean volleyball and the V-League. However, he wants to make a new start as a leader with young players in the active support of the club. Supervision of Pepper Savings Bank could be a new turning point in the life of a man named Aachen Kim.

Aachen Kim, the new director, said, “I am very honored and excited to join Pepper Savings Bank as a director. We will do our best so that Pepper Savings Bank can grow into the best team.”

What will next year be like for the 38-year-old U.S. college volleyball master and Pepper Savings Bank, which is starting anew?

Meanwhile, Pepper Savings Bank plans to spend the rest of the season under the acting coach Lee Kyung-soo system, and from next year, Aachen Kim-Lee Kyung-soo head coach system will be operated. It is also a situation where coach Lee Sung-hee has been asked to stay on the team, and plans to go with most of the coaching-support staff.

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