The major players ahead of the last Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour tournament this year did not hide their desire to reap the beauty of the end of the year, along with the regret that they wished to do better.

Park Hyun-kyung (22) Lim Hee-jung (22) Lee So-mi (23) Lee Ga-young (23) at the Media Day held at the Ho Chi Minh Twin Doves Golf Club, the venue of the tournament, on the 15th, the day before the PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship (total prize money of 700 million won) opening in Vietnam on the 16th. ) Jang Ha-na (30) and Noh-rim (21) expressed their feelings about participating in the competition.

This tournament, held for two consecutive weeks following the Hana Financial Singapore Open last week, is the last tournament of the year and the second tournament of the 2023 season.

Park Hyeon-kyung, who was co-runner-up in last week’s competition, said, “I passed the cut-off in all competitions this year, and I only finished runner-up seven times in the past two years. Her performance was not bad, but on the other hand, it was also disappointing.”

Lim Hee-jung, who received the Popularity Award at this year’s KLPGA Awards, said, “I expected good results by accumulating enough winter training this year, but due to an unexpected traffic accident, I couldn’t show my skills.” “I want to get better grades,” he said. 토토

Lee So-mi, who won two consecutive victories in the Seoul Economy and S Oil competitions this year, said, “I was lucky this year. I want to continue my good energy in this competition,” she said, “I will be satisfied if I get 5th place or higher.”

Lee Ga-young, who had a difficult first win this year, said she wanted to be in the top 10 in this tournament, saying, “It’s nice not to hear that I’ve only been in second place.” Noh No-rim, who played in the LPGA and participated in the KLPGA for the second week in a row following last week, said, “I want to win one in the LPGA. I hope to achieve good results in Korea as well,” he said.

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