An ancient workshop used to make mummies 2,400 years ago has been unearthed at the Saqqara site, 24 kilometers south of the Egyptian capital Cairo안전놀이터.

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Sunday unveiled ancient workshops and tombs from recent excavations in the sprawling necropolis of Saqqara, part of the ancient capital of Memphis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Associated Press reported.

Mustafa Waziri, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, said the workshops were used to mummify humans and sacred animals and date back to the 30th Dynasty of the Pharaohs (380-343 B.C.), some 2,400 years ago.

Inside the workshop were found items used for mummification, such as stone beds and clay jars for storing entrails and organs, as well as ceremonial vessels, he added.

According to Sabri Farag, director of the Saqqara site, the tombs found together were for high-ranking officials and priests in ancient Egypt, the AP reported.

The Egyptian government has been heavily promoting new archaeological discoveries to foreign media and diplomats in recent years.

This is part of an effort to revive tourism, which has been hit by political unrest and violence since the 2011 “Arab Spring,” the news agency added.

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