Shin Bo-mi-re (29) will have the most important match in her life, where she competes for the qualification to participate in the women’s professional boxing world title match, in a hostile atmosphere full of fans of her opponent.

The World Boxing Council (WBC)카지노사이트 Super Featherweight (-59kg) title challenger match will be held on the 29th (Korean time) in Torhaut, West Flanders, Belgium. Ranking No. 1 Delphine Persson (38) and No. 3 Shin Bomire face each other.

‘Etnius Blatt’ said, “The 1,000 tickets were sold out early, with D-30 of the competition a week left. Belgian boxing fans who wanted to cheer for Persson were regretful.”

Persson told the Belgian daily newspaper ‘Etniusblatt’, “It’s really cool and nice to be able to box in front of a crowd that came to see me. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “(Like this time), past matches with a high weight were always held in foreign countries.”

According to ‘Etnius Blatt’, it has been 38 years since 1985 that Thor Haut, a big professional boxing match comparable to the semifinals of the world title match between Persson and Shin Bomire, has been held. The organizers will be sponsored by 50 companies and will prepare a banquet hall for dinner for 500 people, a VIP VIP room, and a press room to support coverage.

Shin Bo Mi-re, who became the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia-Pacific champion in February of last year, became the WBC International champion in three months. In September 2022 and February 2023, he succeeded in the first and second defenses of the WBC International title.

Persson is a Belgian boxing superstar who was the 2012-2013 International Boxing Federation (IBF) and 2014-2019 WBC world champion in the lightweight (-61.2 kg) category.

Persson, who came down to the super featherweight division, won the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Champion, International Boxing Organization (IBO) Intercontinental Champion, and WBC Silver Champion.

The WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO are tied as professional boxing major organizations. The IBO is the next level. “Technically, I’m better,” Persson said. “It’s probably going to be a battle of attrition. His stamina is not lacking even compared to mine,” he said, anticipating a long-term battle with Shinbo Mire.

Shinbo Mire even gained international fame through her appearance on the Netflix sports survival entertainment program ‘Physical: 100’. In an interview aired by Forquis WTV, a local broadcasting station in West Flanders, Belgium, Persson acknowledged his opponent, saying, “You have to go through a tough training camp to defeat him.”

Physical: 100 gained worldwide popularity, ranking first in global OTT’Netflix’ non-English viewing hours from February 6 to 19, 2023. Shin Bomire, who survived to the final 20, also rose in name value. Attention is focusing on whether she will be able to defeat Persson and pave the way to the top of the women’s professional boxing super featherweight division.

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