The historic first step of OK Financial Group’s Itman Rugby Team has been engraved.

On the 25th, the Thumman rugby team played the first game of the 2023 Korea Super Rugby League 1st round against the’defending champion’ Korea Electric Power at Songhwa Rugby Stadium in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, and lost 5-59.

Itsman Rugby Team is a new rugby team that was officially founded on the 20th. He announced a strong start with head coach Oh Young-gil, who led the rugby team of Osaka Chosun High School and succeeded in reaching the semifinals in two consecutive (2009-2010)안전놀이터 high school competitions in Japan’s most prestigious ‘Hana Union’. Director Oh, who is also the main character of the movie ‘600,000 Tries’, said at the founding ceremony at the time, “We came with the goal of changing society through rugby and making rugby known in Korea. We will let many people know about our existence and grow together with the players.” ” has revealed its ambition.

The first match was not easy. The strongest team, KEPCO, was blocked by the wall, and the victory had to be delayed. Nonetheless, significant records emerged. The main character of the historic ‘Try No. 1’ of the Tsman Rugby Team was the charge of Wing (WTB) Geomok Jeong. The team succeeded in the first try in about 9 minutes from the start of the game. He said, “It’s like leaving a name in the history of the club. I will try to become the protagonist of more records in the future.”

Coach Oh, who made his debut on the Korean rugby stage, recalled the game, saying, “The play was good until the first 20 minutes, and the players communicated well. However, as we missed several opportunities to attack and the defense time got longer, the burden increased.” “Even though we didn’t win, the players showed the results of their efforts well. We hope to show improved performance in the future. As we have just taken our first step as an unemployment team, we will fill in the gaps well,” he raised his voice.

The owner, OK Financial Group Chairman Choi Yoon, who met and encouraged the players right after the game, said, “It was a game where I felt a clear difference in skill. It must have been a time for the players to learn a lot,” he said. “I hope that in the future, I will never forget the mindset of respect and will be reborn as a true rugby player who will do his best until the end when the final whistle blows with an attitude of learning from each game.”

The Itman rugby team, which will write a new history, will play the second match of the tournament against Hyundai Glovis at the same place on the 1st of next month.

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