“Samsung Electronics escaped,

but only cacao is still bitten. ” is burning the insides of many people. The KOSPI index has surpassed 2600 and is renewing its highest this year every day먹튀검증, but it is a different story for Kakao investors. He is lamenting, “Only cacao doesn’t rise.” Most of the top stocks by market capitalization are rising, as Kakao’s share price is still stuck at the bottom of the 50,000 won range. The heartache of many people who bought cacao, which was in the limelight as a national stock, can only get worse. In fact , according to NH Investment & Securities, 320,000 Kakao stock holders among the account customers of the brokerage firm are second only to Samsung Electronics. Their average unit price was 106,668 won, almost halved based on the closing price on the 9th (56,400 won). 96% of Kakao investors are currently inherited. On the other hand, most of the investors in the top stocks by market capitalization, such as Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and Hyundai Motor, have almost recovered their earnings.

Many people who invested in stocks with high market capitalization, such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, succeeded in escaping, but there are still many people in Nekao (Naver and Kakao), especially Kakao, so they are unable to do this or that .

On the 9th, KOSPI hit its highest this year, and most of the top 10 stocks in market capitalization rose at once, but only Kakao fell further.

The last 2021 years when the kakao craze was blown. Kakao rose to 170,000 won. You and I shouted that we would go up to 200,000 won. There are many people who have invested a large amount in Kakao with the belief that it is a solid national stock. Currently, there are 2.07 million minority shareholders in Kakao. It is the second most popular stock after Samsung Electronics.

Voices mixed with sighs are growing, such as “Why is only cacao like this?”

Analysts say that it will not be easy to recover even if Kakao shares rebound. The current stock market average target price is 76,950 won, which is lower than the average unit price of investors over 100,000 won.

Experts point out that although Kakao’s performance in the second half of the year is expected, upward momentum is still lacking. In the end , it seems that the Kakao craze of two years ago can be reproduced only when the growth rate through the expansion of new businesses such as AI (artificial intelligence) is clearly shown along with the recovery of earnings .

As shareholders grow angry, Kakao is also betting its life and death on the recovery of its stock price. Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, promised not to exercise stock options (stock options) until the stock price doubled from the current level. At the same time, CEO Hong added, “Please view his decision as a will to lead the company’s growth well.”

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