“I know you’ll be curious, 메이저놀이터 but I have no reason to lie. I’ve had no problems in eight years.”

Carlos Correa (Minnesota) was asked about the condition of his ankle from the first press conference of spring camp on the 18th (Korean time). And as he expected, he answered confidently.

MLB.com reported that “Correa’s right ankle is probably the joint that has received the most attention in professional sports history.” It is a reference to the fact that Correa agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with San Francisco, and eventually signed a six-year, $200 million contract with Minnesota.

Correa was never on the disabled list due to an ankle problem after surgery. However, medical staff at San Francisco and the Mets expressed concern about the condition of Correa’s ankle, which led to the cancellation of his contract. Minnesota, which had been with Correa last year, was able to get him on a six-year, $200 million contract with an option for four years and $70 million.

Correa, who joined the Minnesota camp, said of his ankle condition, “There’s no reason for me to lie. It’s been eight years since I had the surgery, and I haven’t had any problems. I’ll do it like I’ve done so far. I’m a player who takes good care of myself. Retirement. I will continue to do so until I do.”

Correa also introduced his training routine during his press conference. He said, “It is better to be the strongest player who plays 80 games in a season, rather than be the strongest player who can play 150 games flexibly.”

It set a good example for Byron Buxton, a representative of Minnesota and a representative of the major leagues, ‘glass body’. Minnesota President Derek Palvey assured Correa’s health, saying, “There is definitely a special side to Correa compared to others in terms of the way he prepares for the game and self-management.”

▶Corea free agency contract timeline (Korean time)
December 14th Agreement with San Francisco for 13 years
, $
Early in the morning, the Mets had an abnormal opinion on the medical test results.
January 11, 6+4 year agreement with Minnesota.
January 12, Minnesota contract press conference.

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