In 2011, depositors flocked to a savings bank in Korea like a cloud, asking for my money토토사이트.

Twelve years later this year, there was a serial bankruptcy of US regional banks, an incident that shook the global financial market.

The ‘bank run’ is the same, but how do you feel the difference between the two banks?

Mobile banking, which eliminates the need to run to the bank, has become popular, so in the case of Silicon Valley Bank, a whopping 1.3 billion won was withdrawn per second, and it took only about 30 hours to go bankrupt. It was defined as ‘ the first bank run triggered by SNS’ that

occurred even though it was not an immediate soundness . A bank run is triggered by ‘anxiety’ that only I can’t find my deposit. Many of you may have heard of this psychology called ‘Fomo’, which refers to the anxiety or fear of being alienated from the group flow. It’s a psychological term, and in economics, it was first used in marketing. A phenomenon in which sales increase rapidly by stimulating anxiety when words such as selling out imminently, time sale, and limited special price are added. During the corona period, as the money that was released was concentrated, impatience and pomo in the asset market were maximized. The number of stock investors soared sharply, and the KOSPI, which had plummeted to the 1400 line, rebounded to the 3300 line in a year, and the unprecedented minus oil price exceeded $100 again. It’s hard to explain other than this roller coaster, the FOMO effect, that happened in such a short period of time.

Even recently, FOMO has been detected, for example, a phenomenon that soars when only batteries and AI are attached, and concerns about ‘bubble’ are also being raised.

However, something different is happening in the real estate market.

As real estate prices skyrocketed in 2021, the so-called ‘Youngkkuljok’, who can’t buy a house now or not, was directed by ‘panic buying’.

This is a typical ‘Fomo’, but as the recent real estate market downturn continues, the ‘Poop’ phenomenon is appearing.

What does ‘Poop’ mean? I’m worried that the price might go down, but I’m not buying it at a high price right now.

In the end, we faced a serious trading cliff as everyone was looking for the ‘bottom’ without trying to judge the value of the asset itself.

‘FOMO’, which creates bubbles by causing irrational chase buying, ‘Poop’, which encourages stagnation because everyone does not move, and anxiety, reveal that the side effects on the economy are greater than expected.

Traditional economics presupposes that humans make rational decisions, but in reality they are highly impulsive and driven by crowd psychology.

So this word appeared.

Instead of ‘Fomo’, ‘Jomo’, rather enjoy alienation! It’s Zuckerberg’s advice, but it’s somewhat ironic because it’s the words of a Facebook founder who encourages FOMO.

Investing guru Warren Buffett said, ‘Buy on fear, sell on greed’

After seeing how quickly public fear can lead to a bank run, American banks are now strengthening their risk management and oversight of social media .

In addition, now, with the threatening development of AI technology and the resulting fake news, the concern is greater.

In fact, a fake photo of the Pentagon exploding recently caused the US financial market to fluctuate.

Since it is an economic activity conducted by humans, psychology cannot be ruled out, but thorough preparations by the market and regulatory authorities are required to prevent the ‘substanceless’ anxiety that AI can incite into an economic crisis .

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