“Don’t get involved in Korean soccer anymore, cut ties안전놀이터“.

These are some of the strongest words of criticism coming from within the Korean Football Association (KFA) toward its president, Chung Mong-kyu. A KFA labor union member wrote an op-ed in the union’s newsletter, giving a glimpse into the mood inside the organization.

In the May issue of KFA’s Novo Green Card, an anonymous KFA union member wrote a piece titled “Farewell from the Union to the President,” in which he directly criticized Chung. The article calls for the end of Chung’s decade-long presidency, especially in light of the recent amnesty controversy.

“We thought we were going to have a spring in Korean football once again, but because of the so-called leader’s ‘foolish decision,’ we are facing a harsh winter without being able to enjoy the springtime energy of Korean football,” the member said. “After the withdrawal of the amnesty, after reading a single apology, and after watching the entire executive team silently fill the vacancy left by the resignation, we realize that (Chairman Chung’s) DNA is different from the DNA of ordinary people.”

“Amnesty decision and withdrawal, why is the shame on me. I want to be shameless,” he said. “Even though each member’s evaluation of the results set by the organization may be different, I think we should have empathy for the purpose and confidence in the process so that we can be shameless in front of the football world and fans.” He pointed out the recent amnesty controversy and withdrawal skit that was unilaterally decided by the board of directors.

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