Photo_Mad Kaid Jansen (left), Matei Kok (right)

The second practice game was held, but there was still a lot of regret on the field.

The 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s tryout was held in Turkey, Istanbul on the 7th (local time). Continuing from the previous day, a practice game was held at the Hassan Doan Sports Complex (Bachchelliebler안전놀이터).

It was definitely a level of adaptation compared to the past. On-site officials also hinted, “I saw players who adapted and improved their skills compared to yesterday (6th).”

But it wasn’t enough skill to shake off yesterday’s regrets. Most of the evaluations of the coaches are “Compared to the first day, there is no one to pay attention to”, “All players are similar. It is ambiguous to say that one person is good” was the dominant evaluation.

There were also players who received decent evaluations amid regret. Mad Kaid Jansen (209cm, OP, Denmark) and Matei Kok (199cm, OH, Slovenia) also received good reviews again following the first day.

Regarding Mad, “He continued to perform well the day before. He has the strength of being a left-handed apogee, but like Mad, he was born in 1999 and is young, so it takes a short time.”

Commentary on Matei Cock “Volleyball intelligence looks good. He has a good jump-pron serve as an outside heater, but it doesn’t come across as appealing.”

Matthew Naves (207cm, OP, Canada) did not receive a high score in the preliminary club preference survey, but his name came out from the mouths of three coaches on the field. “Not only is he doing much better than he did on video, but his attack is impressive. However, since he was born in 2000, he just started playing volleyball, so it takes a career.”

Murad Khan (205cm, OP, Pakistan) also cited multiple directors as belonging to the side. It was a one-sided story that his volleyball skills were not bad overall. The evaluation of Enak Some (201cm, OP, Kenya) was also rather positive. He was said to have a good serve and hit the attack quickly.

In addition, Thomas Russo (199cm, OH, Belgium), Enak Someh (201cm, OP, Kenya), and Abiud Chirchir (200cm, OP, Kenya) were mentioned.

He was only one day away from the tryout draft. The time has come for clubs to make a choice.

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