The three-way match between Owls, Black Label, and Uptempo began in earnest. 

In the group stage of the 2023 Ansan Association President’s Cup Evergreen Basketball Tournament (hereinafter Ansan Evergreen Cup) held at Ansan Wadong Gymnasium, Olympic Memorial Gymnasium, and Seonbu Gymnasium on the 11th, winning candidates Ouls, Black Label, and Uptempo started cruising as expected. The three teams are expected to compete fiercely for the championship. 

The Owls, which recruited Han Jun-hyeok and Jung Sung-jo to strengthen their strength, stood at the top of the Gimpo Gold Rice Cup last year. Black Label, which is strengthening its power with Park Min-soo and Ha Do-hyun at the center, had to be satisfied with the runner-up after being caught by Owls at the Gimpo Gold Rice Boat last year. Uptempo, supported by Bang Deok-won and Roh Seung-jun메이저놀이터, was considered the strongest team until the Gimpo Gold Rice Cup, but suffered an unexpected blow at the Gimpo Gold Rice Cup and failed to advance to the finals, shattering their pride. 

The three teams that participated side by side in the Ansan Sangnok Cup under the evaluation that there is currently no team capable of stopping these three teams showed off their strong power from the group stage as expected. 

Owls, who belonged to Group E, put on a firepower show against Heracles. With 8 of 9 players scoring, the Owls took a perfect 32-18 lead in rebounding and took advantage under the net. 

The Owls, who led by 31-13 in the first half alone, completed a huge victory by 46 points in a perfect game conceding only 9 points in the second half, and showed overwhelming performance by leading 21-10 in the second quarter against NAO, the second opponent in the preliminary round. After bragging, he succeeded in winning two in a row. 

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