Who will be the winner of the 5th selection competition?

Competition for the KIA Tigers mound, which has entered the second spring camp schedule in Okinawa, Japan, is expected to intensify. After finishing the first spring camp in the US, the KIA team, which returned later than originally scheduled due to bad weather encountered on the way, will head to Okinawa, Japan over two days on the 27th and 28th. The practice match against the Hanwha Eagles scheduled for the 28th has been canceled, but a total of four practice matches against Hanwha, Samsung Lions, and Lotte Giants will continue.

KIA, which focused on physical condition checks in Tucson, Arizona, USA, is going to cover the regular season with a practice-oriented operation in Okinawa. It is an important time in that it takes the first step toward entering the opening entry.

During this period, the focus of the KIA hill is focused on the 5th starting competition. Yang Hyeon-jong, who joined the WBC national team, and foreign one-two punch Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina are in charge of the 1st to 4th starting positions, and the 5th selection is still a competitive system. Gi-young Lim, an axis of the existing selection rotation, was challenged by Ki-hoon Kim, who served as a “reserve”, and Young-cheol Yoon, who was a “rookie”.

Lim Ki-young only won 4 wins (13 losses) in 26 games last season. The big thing was that he had setbacks in preparation for the season in the aftermath of a side injury at the beginning of spring camp. However, it is regrettable that the season ended without a rebound. He is still a useful submarine pitcher, but he is in a position to show a different appearance from last season.

Kim Ki-hoon, who completed his military service at Sangmu, is a strong competitor to Lim Ki-young. It is evaluated that he has relieved his anxiety to some extent while working as a managing director. His impressive performance in the last 5 games of the first team last season raised his expectations for his performance this season. However, the key is whether he can overcome the anxiety problem in the regular season and show steady performance.

Yoon Young-chul’s expectations are rising day by day. Yoon Young-cheol, who was highlighted as the best left-handed player in high school, was well received in terms of pitch and control at the previous spring camp in the United States. He also pitched in a practice game against the WBC national team and threw 2 innings, leaving a deep impression with his spirited pitching.토토사이트

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk picked stability as the number one choice in the 5 selections. He said, “First of all, you have to have a sense of stability and have a good location.” He’s a player with great potential, so I’m going to keep an eye on him.”

In the upcoming actual game in Okinawa, the three pitchers are expected to undergo verification on the mound. Who will be the pitcher who will win Manager Kim’s heart?

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