Lee Jeong-hyeon (36) and Lee Kwan-hee (35) 안전놀이터are KBL’s representative ‘enemies’. The two players are 1 year senior and junior at Yonsei University, but whenever they meet, they collide and even engage in a war of nerves that leads to bleeding.

Having such a rivalry in the league provides basketball fans with a lot to see. The two players had a war-like confrontation every time they met this season, and they also faced fiercely in the last confrontation of the season.

On the 18th, the ‘2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ match between Seoul Samsung and Changwon LG was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul. Changwon LG, which is closely chasing No. 1 Anyang KGC, needed a win unconditionally. Since Seoul Samsung placed at the bottom of the league, they didn’t have to play so fiercely, but they had a strong desire to repay them with a victory in front of their home fans.

In particular, Lee Jung-hyun and Lee Kwan-hee took part in the game with the expression, “I will never lose to you.”

Lee Jung-hyun and Lee Kwan-hee’s ‘Ansuk Showdown’ saw Lee Jung-hyun win. Veteran guard Lee Jung-hyun led the Samsung offense by moving diligently from the first quarter, and played an active role in the offense and defense with 15 points, 3 assists and 5 rebounds.

On the other hand, Lee Kwan-hee was silent until the second quarter, showing a shot hunting. In particular, in the 3rd quarter fast break situation, he was hit by a block shot by Lee Jung-hyun and lowered his head. After the block shot, he was immediately replaced and soothed his anger with his head lowered on the bench. He was reintroduced in the fourth quarter, but was ejected for five fouls with about 1:40 left in the game.

When Lee Kwan-hee fell out, Lee Jung-hyun continued to play an active role. In a close match, Lee Kwan-hee, who watched from the bench, was frustrated as Samsung increased the chances of victory with a bold clutch jump shot. However, LG, which lacked Lee Kwan-hee, had Lee Jae-do. LG succeeded in chasing by 1 point with Lee Jae-do’s layup shot, and 0.3 seconds before the end, Samsung Moss fouled and got a free throw. Lee Jae-do calmly succeeded in both free throws and achieved a thrilling come-from-behind victory 77-76.

Lee Kwan-hee, who had a field goal success rate of only 25% and scored 9 points in ‘Ansuk Battle’. He was even sent off for five fouls, but became the one to laugh on the court at the end in the team’s come-from-behind victory. On the other hand, Lee Jung-hyun won against Lee Kwan-hee, but bowed his head at the team’s defeat.

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