Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag is having a successful first season in his own right this season.

He reached the final after beating Nottingham Forest in the recent League Cup semi-final. They are 4th in the Premier League.

Ten Haag, who is transforming 토토사이트 Manchester United into a prestigious team again in the first year, has become a hot topic by setting rules to be followed in the dressing room at Old Trafford home stadium.

British media reported on the 4th that three of them are a must-have list.

Ten Haag, who is taming them as a gentle sheep at Man Utd, a collection of numerous stars, is said to be famous for strict dressing room rules. He says no one else can break this rule.

He says the three most important things are a strict dress code, no cell phone use, and mealtime compliance. The media analyzes that these three things are unacceptable and that these measures lead to good condition for the players.

According to The Times reports, players are instructed not to be late for training, not to do anything wrong and to always do what they can to help their partners.

If you go into the details, it’s about following rules such as dress codes, set meal times, and no cell phone use. The media analyzes that these detailed guidelines are the basis for Manchester United’s 24 wins in 33 games this year.

In fact, Ten Hag presented five strict rules to the players prior to their first training session after joining Manchester United in July of last year. He has given a strict order that he will be excluded from training in case of violation.

First of all, I was told not to drink alcohol at all during the season.

And out of the three things to strictly abide by , prohibition of hiring personal chefs, weekly weight checks, complaints to the director, and the last was punctuality, there was punctuality, but there was no ban on cell phone use.

In particular, there was no mention of the dress code, but the media did not report what the detailed ‘dress code’ was.

Meanwhile, Manchester United will have a Premier League match against Crystal Palace at midnight on the 5th. Prior to this, Ten Hag said, “We always have to focus on the game. No matter what happens, it’s our job,” he said repeatedly, emphasizing mental concentration.

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