FIBA ​​U18 Asian Championship바카라사이트 MVP Lee Joo-young threw a challenge to seniors at Yonsei University.

Yonsei University, which left for field training in Irvine, USA at the end of January, is preparing for the opening of the 2023 college league by spending a tight schedule such as skill training, physical training, and practice games.

In the 2022 season, he showed a sluggish appearance amidst various bad news, but while preparing for the revival of the famous family once again centered on the new coach Ho-jin Yun, coach Ho-jin Yun could not hide his satisfaction at the growth of guard Lee Joo-young, one of the biggest fish in the 23rd class.

In fact, the process of Lee Ju-young wearing the Yonsei University uniform was not smooth.

He was the one who boasted of outstanding ability in high school, but thanks to his strange (?) entrance exam, he was the last of his freshmen to wear the Yonsei University uniform.

Although Lee Joo-young’s pride was hurt, everything has passed, and she sweats harder than anyone else and now shows off her growth as a threat to the starting position, showing off her appearance as a super rookie who threatens her seniors.

“I joined the school that I have been looking forward to since I first started playing basketball. I am so happy to wear the uniform of Yonsei University,” Lee Ju-young said of her feelings on entering the college stage.

He continued, “It was a bit difficult to enter, but I didn’t have any other thoughts. I will try to achieve the dream I drew at Yonsei University from the beginning, and I want to become a player who repays the coach who treated me sincerely more than anyone else.”

Looking at Lee Joo-young, coach Ho-jin Yun said, “I still have a freshman look and sometimes show greed in my attacks, but if I learn the ups and downs of the shot and the overall speed control of the game, I think I will become a very difficult player to defend. He quickly adapts to the college stage and the team I will give you strength,” he said, showing firm faith.

Lee Joo-young consistently played as the ace of the team until high school. Many high school coaches commented that his accurate, long-range shots and bold break-through attack would work well in college.

However, his attack-oriented play tendency is pointed out as a part that must be supplemented in order to grow into a better player.

Regarding this, Lee Ju-young said, “As a basketball player, I think the real stage starts with college. Last season, I had a good experience with the U18 national team, so I will try to focus on the play the team wants to play.”

In addition, he expressed his determination for the season, saying, “It is my goal to make Yonsei University stand at the top of the university unconditionally from 2023. And

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