Son Heung-min, who returned to Tottenham, put on a mask again and participated in full-scale team training to prepare for a sortie. The Tottenham club expressed their expectations for Son Heung-min with the expression ‘super hand’.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


During the first training after returning to Tottenham, Son Heung-min, who focused on recovery by taking off his mask and running lightly, participated in full-scale team training wearing a mask again just in case.

He blew hot air in the snow-covered training ground.


He prepared for the sortie, showing light movements enough to put out active pressure.

Tottenham will play a friendly match against Nice, France, on the 22nd, and the local media predicted that Son Heung-min, whether starting or replacing, would check his condition before the regular league resumes on the 26th. 토토사이트

The Tottenham club likened the returning Son Heung-min to a ‘superhero’, revealing expectations for his performance in the second half.

As the World Cup heroes returned to their teams, Hwang In-beom, who was in charge of the midfield with his fighting spirit and vigorous activity, also returned to Greece last night (16th).

[Hwang In-beom/Olympiacos midfielder: Just as we poured everything out during the World Cup, I think we should be well prepared to pour out everything for our team in the league.]

Olympiacos, played by Hwang In-beom and Hwang Ui-jo, will resume the league schedule on the 22nd. do.