Yang Hong-seok was disappointed with the last turnover, but in the end, he was KT’s ‘superstar’ who led the team to victory.

Yang Hong-seok led Suwon 스포츠토토 KT’s 75-73 victory in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league away game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 4th.

Yang Hong-seok said, “I was worried because he committed a stupid turnover at the end, but he is fortunate that he won the match. It was an important match for the 6th round fight, and it feels good to win.”

What is the stupid turnover Yang Hong-seok mentioned? Yang Hong-seok committed a turnover 36 seconds before the end of the game and allowed Holloway to steal. Afterwards, Belrangel’s shot attempt failed and did not lead to a point. However, it was a big mistake that could have given up the game by allowing them to chase by 2 points.

Yang Hong-seok continued to express his regret about this turnover. “The last turnover remains stronger in my mind than when I scored 22 points and made 5 3-pointers. It’s so sad and I’m angry with myself,” he said, blaming himself.

However, no matter what anyone said, Yang Hong-seok was a distinguished player who led KT to victory that day. He played 40 minutes full time, posting 22 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, and used a high-efficiency attack with a field goal success rate of 64%.

Yang Hong-seok said, “I think the coach kept me running because he needed me. I like to run a lot, so that’s okay. In the end, I won, so I think playing for 40 minutes was more beneficial than poison.”

As mentioned earlier, Yang Hong-seok boasted a high field goal efficiency of 64%. He attempted three 2-pointers and made 2 of them, and made 5 of 8 3-pointers. It was the day the fingertips were alive.

Regarding this, “I went in especially well today and shot with confidence. And (Park) Ji-won or (Jung) Seong-woo hyung gave me a lot of balls, so I kept feeling good. I think the shot went well because the guards gave a good pass.”

On this day, Yang Hong-seok faced Gas Corporation again after 4 days. It went the same way as the last 4 rounds. A close fight was held throughout the match, and in the end, the victory was won. What was the difference between the game and what Yang Hong-seok felt?

Yang Hong-seok said, “(Lee) Dae-heon has returned, but since he has Dae-heon, there are a lot of aggressive options (of Gas Corporation). In that regard, (Ha) Yoon Gi-na (Lee) Doo-won did a good job in defense. And both Lester Prosper and Jarrod Jones helped out. I think there was a difference between having Daeheon and not having him.”

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