SSG Landers outfielder Kim Kang-min 안전놀이터was canceled after 3 days due to micro damage to his calf.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Hanwha Eagles game held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 12th, “Kang-min Kim suffered micro damage to his calf while running, so Kang-min fell out and Lee Ro-un was registered. I think I need to see it. Fortunately, it’s not a big damage. Now that the bullpen continues to play, it’s not enough, so I registered Lee Rowun.”

Kim Kang-min was replaced the previous day (11th) due to pain in the left calf during a run against KIA in Gwangju. Kim Kang-min, who was canceled on the 28th of last month due to back pain and returned on the 9th of this month, was canceled again after 3 days of registration.

Choi Ji-hoon and Ha Jae-hoon, who will replace Kim Kang-min, are currently playing for the Futures. Manager Kim said, “Choi Ji-hoon went to the Futures game in Ganghwa today, but there has not been a report yet, so we have to watch it. He says that if he suddenly turns on or starts, the pain remains. I watched the video of today’s game, and there didn’t seem to be any major problems. Jae-hoon is recovering quickly. Still, I have to learn my senses, so I think I will have to play some games in the second team.”

Meanwhile, SSG’s new foreign pitcher, Roennis Elias, pitched in the bullpen for the first time that day. Manager Kim said, “I felt that he was a pitcher who threw a lot of strikes. It was the first day, so he threw hard (laughs), and the ball looked strong. I plan to talk while watching. I have to set a schedule at that time.”

When Elias debuts in the first team, SSG is overflowing with starting resources, including Kirk McCarty, Kim Kwang-Hyun, Oh Won-Seok, Park Jong-Hoon, Song Young-Jin, and Moon Seung-Won. So, after meeting with Seung-Won Moon on the 11th, coach Kim decided to return Seung-Won Moon to the bullpen.

Coach Kim said, “(Moon) Seung-won is registered for the 10th day tomorrow. There are a lot of games where he wins narrowly, so there are a lot of bullpen appearances. We need a player to add strength to the bullpen, but now I think Seung-won will be. I told him to move to the bullpen when he was registered tomorrow so he could go to the game right away, but Seung-won readily accepted the position change.”

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