Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 87-85 against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball regular league game held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 29th.

With this victory, KGC Ginseng Corporation finished the last back-to-back schedule in January with 1 win and 1 loss, maintaining a two-game gap with second place Changwon LG.

In this game, KGC Ginseng Corporation 메이저사이트 extended its lead to 40-26 by 3:36 in the 2nd quarter, with Byun Jun-hyung (186cm, G) and Oh Se-geun (200cm, C) as well as Bae Byeong-jun (189cm, G) scoring goals, leading the game. did. The aftermath of KOGAS’ physical strength, which played a third overtime against Seoul SK the previous day, seemed to affect the game today.

However, KOGAS did not collapse easily. Lee Dae-seong (190cm, G) showed off his scoring by crossing the inside and outside, and Jeong Hyo-geun (200cm, F) and Devon Scott (201cm, F) revived the offense and made a seesaw game in the middle of the 4th quarter. With one second left at the end of the fourth quarter, Darryl Monroe (197cm, C) made both free throws and took the game into overtime.

While the close match continued in the extension, KGC Ginseng Corporation was able to reap a new victory by 2 points as Monroe succeeded in the middle range with 2 seconds left.

Although they won the game, KGC Ginseng Corporation’s Omari Spellman only scored 2 points and 7 rebounds that day.

Spellman’s only score was a fade away shot with 1:10 left in the first quarter. After that, Spellman struggled against the marks of Jeong Hyo-geun and Scott, and could hardly raise his sense of the game.

Spellman was replaced by Monroe 57 seconds into the second quarter. Spellman, who stayed on the bench throughout the second quarter, was weak in offense in the third quarter as well. Spellman, who was on the court throughout the third quarter, did not have many chances to make field goals. The field goal attempt in the third quarter was only one 3-point shot.

Ultimately, Spellman was forced to watch the fourth quarter and overtime from the bench. Monroe saved the team with a winning shot in overtime, but Spellman showed a shabby appearance by posting the lowest two points since his debut on the KBL stage that day. The previous minimum score was 3 points recorded in Wonju DB match on October 29 in the 2021-2022 season.

Director Kim Sang-sik and Oh Se-geun also spoke about Spellman’s sluggishness.

Director Kim Sang-sik said, “There are times when (Omari) Spellman explodes terribly. (Daryl) I think I need to harmonize the running time with Monroe. Rather than keep watching, take the replacement timing. Spellman’s performance deteriorates when he is on the bench for too long. I can’t help but feel sorry for the director. If you try outside a lot after being on the bench, you lose your senses.” Spellman needs to improve his condition. If the players talk a lot and the spellman comes up, the performance will improve,” he said, emphasizing the improvement of the spellman’s performance.

KGC Ginseng Corporation is currently in first place with 24 wins and 11 losses, but the ride with second place Changwon LG is only 2 games. The schedule for the upcoming 5th round is tight, and they have to make a forced march to participate in the East Asian Super League (EASL) held in Japan in March. In this situation, Spellman’s sluggishness is a big burden for KGC Ginseng Corporation, which is aiming for the presidency.

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