South Korea’s national midfielder Son Jun-ho is under investigation during the match-fixing investigation of his team, Shandong Taishan. The player’s side complained of his injustice, saying that he was being investigated for a simple schedule error. 

Son Jun-ho’s team, Shandong, is in an uproar over the match-fixing investigation. In March, Jin Jingdao, an ethnic Korean player from Shandong, was investigated안전놀이터 for match fixing. Recently, director Hao Wei was absent. Head coach Fabio, who served as Jeonbuk Hyundai coach for a long time, is leading the team as an acting manager. Officially, the reason was coach Hao Wei’s health problems, but rumors that he was being investigated for match-fixing prevailed.

In the midst of that, sparks flew over Son Jun-ho. Son Jun-ho said, “In connection with the investigation of coach Hao Wei, the entire club had to undergo a witness investigation on the 12th. On that day, Son Jun-ho was away due to his family returning to Korea. He has been investigated for a bit more and is expected to be released on the 14th. An innocent player is suffering great damage because he was away for a while to take care of his family.”

Although Son Jun-ho has nothing to do with the match-fixing incident currently sweeping Shandong, the player explained that he was treated excessively because he was not present at the time of the team convening, nor did he disobey the witness investigation.

Powerhouse Shandong, who finished second in the Chinese Super League and won the Chinese FA Cup last year, has been greatly shaken this season and has fallen to 11th in the league. So far, Son Jun-ho has played full-time in all but one game.

Son Jun-ho, who moved to Shandong in 2021 after passing through the K-League Pohang Steelers and Jeonbuk Hyundai, has been cited as the main player in winning the FA Cup for two consecutive years with outstanding performance over the past two years. Based on this, he returned to the national team and helped advance to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Recently, the Chinese sports world is suffering from match fixing. The recent Chinese professional basketball match-fixing scandal has garnered international attention. Suspicion of match-fixing, which began in the final of the Guangdong Youth Men’s Soccer Tournament in August of last year, spread to the Football Association and the entire soccer world. In November of last year, former Chinese national team coach Li Lie was arrested, and several high-ranking officials of the Football Association were subsequently investigated. This year, Shandong is a key investigation target. According to reports from Chinese media, the most well-known player is Jin Jing Dao, but several players have been investigated.

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