Football and basketball have something in common. It means people collide with each other.”

On the 23rd, Woori Bank in Asan had an afternoon workout at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan. It was to prepare for the third round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball championship match held on the 23rd.

Woori Bank manager Seong-Woo Lee explained the main patterns of BNK during training on the afternoon of the 22nd. He also instructed Woori Bank players on the timing and position of defense. After that, I briefly checked the attack options that could come out of Danbi Kim (180cm, F). After checking the offense and defense movements, the players practiced shooting.

The players who practiced shooting completed their training with stretching. After training, the players gathered in a circle around the center of the half court.

As the players gathered, Woori Bank manager Seong-Woo Lee told the players a story. He wasn’t about technique and tactics. He started the meeting with an unexpected question: “What do you think is the most popular sport in the world?”

“Soccer is the most popular sport around the world,” said Woori Bank manager Wie Sung-woo, who brought up the topic. The next most played sport is basketball. I think basketball is a sport that is practiced in various regions after football,” he started talking about basketball.

“There are similarities between football and basketball. There is only one ball, but the players on the playground and on the court are bumping into each other for the ball. Taking the initiative by bumping your body is the key to the two events,” he said바카라사이트, bringing out the word “body fight.”

As coach Wie Sung-woo said, basketball is also a physical sport. In particular, if you look at basketball powerhouses participating in the Basketball World Cup or EuroBasket, the struggle in areas without balls is intense. Big man or small player, he is not afraid to bump into opponents. In fact, there were many cases where teams that were good at colliding basketball showed good performances.

Coach Wie Seong-woo also considers ‘bumping’ (an act of body-to-body collision without a ball) important. When one bump is accumulated multiple times, I think the effect of a team that hits properly is great. Woori Bank players are also aware of this, so they collide with opponents in a strong yet skillful way.

The championship match was the same. Coach Wi Sung-woo also said, “I think the difference between the first game (62-56) and the second game (84-67) is the intensity of the struggle. In Game 2, we crashed hard from the start, so I don’t think we were pushed back in the battle of nerves. Of course, (Kim) Hanbyul’s absence was great, but I think we would have produced good results even if Hanbyeol played for 40 minutes.”

Director Seong-Woo Wi, who talked about the sajok at length, got to the point. “The third round is the same. BNK will come out stronger. Because it’s a bedroom, there are many elements that can gain strength. Conversely, we play in enemy territory. To win a fight with your opponent, you have to hit your body harder. In that way, you can shrink the opponent and accumulate the damage of the opponent.” He emphasized the importance of ‘fighting’ again.

Woori Bank was hit hard from the start. Even when he hit a hurdle, he bumped into it for boxing out and defense. One bumping motion made a difference with BNK. did that until the end. Woori Bank eventually achieved its 11th playoff victory in three games. Won the playoffs for the first time in 5 years since the 2017-2018 season. In addition, it was the first time in the league to win the 10th combined championship.

Six of them were achieved under the coaching system of Sung Woo Wi. There is one reason why I collaborated with manager Wie Sung-woo for many championships. This is because the players kept the fundamental principle of basketball called ‘fighting’ well. It was Director Seong-Woo Lee who emphasized the fundamental principle.

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