Trevor Bauer (32‧ Yokohama), who chose Nippon Professional Baseball as the match for a comeback this season, is gathering big topics from various perspectives.

The story of the fall of a major league Cy Young Award winner, as well as the sudden advance to Japan, came up with various ideas in Japan and monopolized the attention of fans. The unique social network service (SNS) activity is also different from foreign players who came to Japan. However, negative issues are getting bigger. grades are not very good

The early struggles due to the hiatus of more than a year and a half had some predictable parts. Even Yokohama, which signed a contract with the highest ever treatment of 400 million yen (approximately 4 billion won) including incentives this year, would not have drawn Bauer running from the start. In fact, Group 2 gave them enough warm-up time. However, he is struggling so much after coming up on the first team stage. The pride of the Major League Cy Young Award winner fell to the ground.

Bauer has pitched only 15 innings in his first three games and is struggling greatly with a 1-2 ERA of 8.40. In particular, the match against Hiroshima on the 16th, his last appearance, was a shock itself. He struggled enough to throw 69 balls to catch 6 out counts. He allowed 7 runs on 8 hits (1 home run) in 2 innings and was demolished early. In Bauer’s career as a pitcher, it’s hard to find less than two innings. It was humiliating.

Bauer pleaded that he was out of luck. It is that there are abnormally many hits after 2S. The restraint is not even the lowest condition to record the maximum speed of 157 km. But it doesn’t work out. Both fastballs and breaking pitches are high. Here, there is also an observation that the Hiroshima lineup, which has faced Bauer once, has caught Bauer’s ‘habit’. Yokohama also pondered over how to use Bauer in the future.

But apart from this situation, Bauer seems carefree. You can see this well by looking at his social media activities. On the 17th, right after his defeat, he posted a video introducing Yokohama Stadium facilities on his Twitter. Considering the editing process, it seems that it was filmed before the appearance on the 16th, but the fact that it was uploaded right after the shocking defeat led to unkind eyes. Especially American fans. There were many sarcastic comments.

▲ Fans’ eyes on Bauer’s social media activities are getting more and more negative. ⓒ Kyodo News/Associated Press

On the 18th, he uploaded a video introducing his pitching approach with the content “Let’s use a strategy”, drawing attention. It’s a perspective approaching the approach of others, but in fact, the content itself wasn’t bad. There were many points worth noting. However, since it was after the slump, the reaction of Japanese fans, who generally understood Bauer’s안전놀이터 behavior, is not good this time. If you look at his comments, there are not a few cases where he ridicules beyond sarcasm.

One netizen sarcastically said, “That (video content) is correct, so the average ERA is 8.40.” “You’re not throwing like that”, “This is just the American way. Most Japanese hitters aren’t home run hitters. They don’t swing like major league players”, “Serious concern that Hiroshima has sensed your pitching form.” There are more critical comments such as “How about lowering the ERA before uploading the video?”, “This is Bauer’s method of recording an ERA of 8.40 in Japan”, and “Teach only the Chinese.”

Occasionally, there were comments that supported Bauer, but there were definitely more critical views than favorable views. Of course, due to Bauer’s personality, his SNS activities and his opinions will continue to be expressed without hesitation. However, if his grades do not follow, this also loses his persuasion. Japan’s sentiment, which is different from that of the United States, should also be taken into consideration. Attention is focusing on whether Bauer will be able to regain his reputation from the next appearance.

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