‘A secluded island off the coast of my hometown. If you sit on a rock in the clear water and play the guitar, you will become a mermaid-like girl. They came close to me.’

This is part of the song ‘Illusion Island’ released in 1985 by singer Yoon Soo-il. Yoon Soo-il, who debuted in 1977 with ‘I Won’t Only Love’ and was called a national singer, was born in Jangsaengpo, Ulsan. The ‘Illusion Island’ he sang is a song depicting Jukdo in Jangsaengpo, Maeam-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan. Yoon Soo-il sang passionately, remembering the island of his hometown, where bamboo, azaleas, and camellias were harmonized to add a sense of mystery.

However, Jukdo is no longer an island of fantasy. It has long since turned into ruins with only rusty barbed wire, weeds, and empty buildings creating a gloomy atmosphere.

On the 13th, when I turned around and entered the fire road on one side of Jangsaengpo Port, I saw a rusty fence and barbed wire on the small stone steps. This is where the iron gate, the only entrance to the 4000㎡ Jukdo Island, is located. As I climbed the stairs through the weeds and approached the iron door, I found a rusty chain wrapped around it. It was also filled with a large padlock.

When I looked inside the bamboo sword through the gap in the iron gate, weeds were everywhere. Inside the grass, I saw a building painted white. It was a three-story (about 270 square meters) building with almost no windows and no signs. It was old and full of gloomy atmosphere as if it had not been touched by people for a long time. The fantasy island of Jukdo has changed so hideously.

The downfall of Jukdo was predicted as it lost its function as an island. Until the early 1990s, Jukdo was in the sea around Ulsan Port. In 1995, it became land due to coastal reclamation, and then became a hill. A maritime traffic control center building was built in Jukdo, and it only functioned for the public good. Then, in 2013, the maritime traffic control center moved to a new building메이저사이트 nearby, and people stopped visiting after that.

Jukdo is owned by the Ulsan City Office of Education, but메이저놀이터 the local government is Nam-gu, Ulsan. Even if Nam-gu tries to develop Jukdo as a tourism content linked to the whale village in Jangsaengpo Port, permission from the owner must be obtained. It is possible to rent it for free or purchase the bamboo sword itself.Nam-gu intends to develop and operate tourism contents after renting Jukdo for free under the condition of operating and managing Jukdo, and the Ulsan City Office of Education, the owner of the site, wants Nam-gu to purchase Jukdo for a fee. Jukdo is neglected as the differences between the two sides are not narrowed down.Regarding this, Nam-gu explained, “The purchase cost of Jukdo is about 2 billion won, but if you spend that much money to buy it, you will have to spend another budget on content development, such as arranging a building that is currently in an abandoned state.” At the same time, he added, “(Jukdo itself) is a port facility protection zone, so it is a problem that its utilization is poor.”

An official from the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education said, “I know that Nam-gu, Ulsan, was reviewing the purchase of Jukdo. However, the plan itself seems to have suddenly changed recently, so I can only say (about Jukdo) that we are watching the situation.” .

Ulsan citizens hope that the two institutions will come to an agreement to restore the beautiful appearance of Jukdo. Furthermore, it would be perfect if it was reborn as an island of fantasy sung by Yoon Soo-il.

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