Chelsea manager Graham Porter has been sacked안전놀이터.

Porter has been constantly rumored to be fired this season. Chelsea’s performance plummeted, and they spent all-time money in the transfer market last winter to reinforce their players, but it did not change. In the end, the Chelsea leadership decided to sack Porter. Chelsea officially announced their parting ways with Porter on the official website on the 3rd. It’s been 7 months since the appointment.

It can’t be a sudden hardening. Local media reported that even Chelsea players were surprised by Porter’s dismissal. In other words, it can be seen as a different decision from Chelsea’s existing plan.

Chelsea’s owner Todd Boelli also showed signs of a reversal in Chelsea, and in particular, it was reported that he made a plan to watch Porter more after succeeding in advancing to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

But a sudden hard decision. This is clearly an act for a reason.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ looked at director Julian Nagelsmann as the driving force behind this hard decision. Nagelsmann, who was recently sacked from Bayern Munich, wasn’t counting on Chelsea. However, Nagelsmann became unemployed and Chelsea wanted him. That’s why he boldly sacked director Porter.

In other words, it can be analyzed that Chelsea made a superpower of the incumbent manager Porter’s resignation to recruit manager Nagelsmann, who suddenly became unemployed.

The ‘Daily Mail’ reported that “Chelsea’s sacking of manager Porter follows Nagelsmann’s sacking two weeks ago.”

The media added, “Chelsea is planning to replace Nagelsmann after firing Porter. Chelsea are already in contact with Nagelsmann.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea, who sacked Porter after seven months, had to pay a huge penalty. According to local media, the amount of the penalty is 50 million pounds (81 billion won). 1st place in history

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