Seoul Paik Hospital, which has a history of more than 82 years안전놀이터, has gone through the process of closing due to severe financial difficulties.

Inje Academy, a school corporation, held a board of directors meeting at the Seoul Paik Hospital building in Jeo-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 20th and passed the ‘Seoul Paik Hospital Closing Plan’ proposed by the business normalization task force earlier this month.

After the board of directors meeting, Inje Academy disclosed the results of the meeting to the branch heads of Paik Hospital’s unions in other regions.

In response, the union said that the board of directors unanimously passed the bill to close Paik Hospital, saying that they could not accept the result and that they would continue the struggle.

Seoul Paik Hospital, which started in 1941 under the name Baek Inje Surgical Hospital, has suffered serious financial difficulties since 2004, with a cumulative deficit of 174.5 billion won over the past 20 years.

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