Seongnam FC will play with Siyoung Hong.

Seongnam FC will play the 7th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ against Cheonan City FC at Tancheon Sports Complex at 1:30 pm on the 16th. Seongnam is 8th with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses (8 points), while Cheonan is 13th with 6 losses (0 points)안전놀이터.

Seongnam are aiming for promotion this season and are showing very strong form at home. Ansan Greeners (2-1 win), Chungnam Asan Professional Soccer Team (0-0 draw), and Chungbuk Cheongju FC (3-2 win) were called in to run an undefeated march (2 wins, 1 draw).

In particular, we had both fun and results in matches against Ansan and Chungbuk Cheongju. By playing a multi-scoring game, the sharpness of Seongnam soccer was shown, and satisfaction was high as they embraced up to 3 points.

I met a good opponent who will continue the flow. The ‘new team’ will face Cheonan. Cheonan, which announced an ambitious start, has not scored a single point so far. In addition, they are struggling in the content of the game with the league’s lowest score (3 goals) and most goals (16 goals). He is the best opponent to win.

Seongnam succeeded in arranging physical strength in the midweek FA Cup. Lee Jong-ho, Chris, Shim Dong-woon, and Patrick, who are key resources, did not accompany the Gimcheon Sangmu expedition. Players who usually had relatively few opportunities came out and performed well, and won the penalty shootout.

Multiple goals are expected. Lee Jong-ho and Chris’ breathing is getting better day by day, and they were responsible for scoring all teams with 2 goals and 3 goals, respectively, in the last 2 games. It is expected that the toes will burn even more against Cheonan, which shows unstable defense.

Seongnam’s home game on this day will be decorated even more special for only one person. The game was planned for Siyoung Hong (11 years old), a long-time family fan of the club. Siyoung Hong is a fan who has been supporting Seongnam with her parents since she was 5 years old. During her battle with childhood cancer, it metastasized to other affected parts and is continuing her fight. Seongnam prepared various things to give Hong Si-young strength.

Booths are set up at each gate to leave cheering messages, and on the electronic board before the game, players from other Seongnam clubs, whom Hong Si-young cheered for, send cheering messages and show cheering messages wishing for a speedy recovery.

When Seongnam players enter the stadium on the day, they wear T-shirts with messages of support for Hong Si-young. Along with this, throughout the 90-minute game, he will wear an armband to pray for the recovery of Miss Hong Si-young.

In addition, in the 37th minute of the first half, the fans will applaud for Hong Si-young, who celebrated her birthday on March 7th, wishing for a speedy recovery.

Seongnam is going to raise money for treatment needed to fight the disease. The club delivered 50% of the income from the home game on the day to medical expenses for Miss Hong Si-young, and the team also raised money on its own. Seongnam supporters ‘Blacklist’ also raises money and supplements Hong Si-young’s medical expenses.

T-shirts worn by the athletes will be sold separately through the online store with the athletes’ signatures after the game, and 100 T-shirts with the same design will be sold on-site and online, and all proceeds will be used for Hong Si-young’s treatment. In particular, K-League and Seongnam FC fantoon writer ‘Yoowol’ sells 8 types of stickers at the booth in front of the Magpie Lounge at the front gate, and delivers all proceeds to Hong Si-young.

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