I really didn’t want to go home”

Baejae High School안전놀이터 lost 63-85 to Gyeongbok High School in the round of 16 of the 2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Gimcheon Tournament. Seo Ji-woo (200cm, F

/ Only C) struggled in Bae Jae-go. After the game, Seo Ji-woo said, “I was blown away with 27 points, 22 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, and 2 blocked shots. However, my teammates lacked support. I had to accept the defeat. After the game, Seo Ji-woo said, “I am sorry for the loss of Jeonju in the preliminaries

. The impact was great. 35 minutes to win, but with 5 minutes left, it was reversed. It was painful not being able to turn it over again. I caught Gyeongbok High School in the spring competition. Kyungbok High School captain Kang Tae-hyeon was also absent in the game that day. I thought I could win, so I prepared again from the beginning. However, Kyungbok High School showed a good field goal sense from the beginning, and our shooting did not go in. The rebound crackdown was delayed,” he said regretfully.

Then, “I like to stay at home. However, both the results of the spring competition and the association long term were disappointing. The long term of the association was greatly sluggish due to the overall defeat. I never wanted to go home until the end of my term as president of the federation. I didn’t even pack my bags before the game that day. I spread all my burdens. Throughout the game, he urged his teammates, saying, “I don’t want to go home,” during operation time or free time. He added, “I really didn’t want to go home.”

Seo Ji-woo showed a fighting spirit throughout the game. Every time he scored, he screamed and celebrated with big movements.

“From the day before the game, coach (Lee Sang-yoon) ordered it. My voice is loud. He told me to make the celebration louder when playing. I shouted at the bench to raise the mood. I tried to keep the mood up, but I couldn’t get it back for 40 minutes. It’s a pity.”

Lastly, “I suffered from a cold in the spring tournament. I didn’t take good care of my body. The scoring success rate under the goal wasn’t good either. After the spring tournament, I came out after improving my weaknesses. I’m improving my athleticism, strength, and rebound. What I’m confident about is drive. He concluded the interview by saying, “The offensive rebound ability is also a plus.

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