3 years pass by with Corona. Jinsol Park was ranked 17th in Korea in December 2020. In 2021 she is down to number 30. It’s a big deal for a player over 35 years old to go down from this point. He even said that he did well if he kept that level. In the final month of 2022 he sat 18th. If the ranking goes up as you get older, it is called reverse running in the baduk world, saying that you turned back the years. In order to rise, you have to beat a lot of low-ranking players and catch some high-ranking players.

He exchanged one win each with Shin Min-joon in fourth place. He won 2 wins against 12th place Kim Ji-seok. He won 1 win against Kim Myung-hoon in 7th place and won 1 win and 1 loss against Won Seong-jin in 10th place. He faced off against the captain-level player of the KB League. It is understandable why Park Jin-sol was selected as the front two picks in the Go league. 토토

Shin Jin-seo attached it to the back 92 as it first came to mind. As shown in <Figure 1>, it is not a big deal that the black house grows on the right side. Black, who had fallen behind, had to chase after White. Park Jin-sol went on the path of fighting with black 95 and increased to 99. Rather, Baek Eun and Shin Jin Seo welcomed this path. <Picture 2> If black increases to 1 and 3, cut off with white 4 and block with 8, grab two points in black and buy big.

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