U.S. Soccer and Gregg Berhalter have both released separate statements regarding an incident between the latter and his wife which took place over 31 years ago, as U.S. Soccer is investigating the incident which is at the center of an alleged blackmail claim.

In a statement U.S. Soccer confirmed that their independent investigation into the incident between Gregg Berhalter and his wife Rosalind Berhalter is ‘ongoing’ and they learned of the allegations on Dec. 11, 2022.

They added that the federation ‘condemns violence of any kind and takes such allegations very seriously’ and said ‘through this process, U.S. Soccer has learned about potential inappropriate behavior towards multiple members of our staff by individuals outside of our organization.’

Berhalter, who coached the USMNT at the recent 2022 World Cup, said he and his wife Rosalind have ‘fully cooperated with the U.S. Soccer investigation into this matter’ and the 49-year-old said he is ‘looking forward to continuing my conversations with U.S. Soccer about the future.’

A statement from a Twitter user called Gregg Berhalter, which is believed to be a legitimate account, stated that during the World Cup ‘an individual contacted U.S. Soccer saying they had information that would “take me down”‘ and Berhalter added it was an ‘apparent effort to leverage something very personal from long ago to bring about the end of my relationship with U.S. Soccer.’ 스포츠토토

In his lengthy statement Berhalter (who has been in charge of the USMNT since 2018 but his contract reportedly ended on Dec. 31, 2022) explained that he and his wife had a disagreement in 1991 which ended in him kicking her legs as they walked out of a bar.

During the statement, which is signed by both Gregg Berhalter and his wife Rosalind Berhalter, it is mentioned multiple times that they both acknowledged the incident and have learned and grown from it.

Berhalter said he had counselling, all of their close family members (including their four children) knew about the incident and that he and Rosalind ‘have been on an amazing journey’ and ‘are very proud of our marriage, our relationship, the family we have built and the people we have become.’

U.S. Soccer said they will share the results of the investigation publicly when it is complete. They also added they ‘launched a full technical review of our Men’s National Team Program. With the review and investigation ongoing, U.S. Soccer will announce who will lead the January Men’s National Team camp in the coming days.’