Real Madrid could not recklessly sign Kylian Mbappe, and the reason why he waited for his transfer announcement appeared. 

Mbappe has personally announced plans to leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer and is considered the most interested person in the transfer market. Mbappe’s plan is to leave PSG on a free contract. After revealing that he had no intention of signing an extension with the club, he would play for PSG until the 2023/24 season and leave the team after his contract expires. 

PSG is in the opposite position. Initially, ahead of the 2022/23 season, PSG continued to capture and retain Mbappe, who was shaken by Real’s proposal, but in this transfer market, as Mbappe revealed that he had no intention of extending the contract, he was immediately executing a plan to sell it. 

PSG has already been told that it will receive offers from several teams, and according to reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert in the European football transfer market, the transfer fee for Mbappe from Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal is 300 million euros (approximately 425.5 billion won), and the annual salary is 700 million euros. (Approximately 993 billion won) was also offered. 

Mbappe was adamant. He rejected an offer from Al-Hilal, which could have been the highest-level contract in professional sports history, only stating his intention to stay at PSG. 

After that, he refused even to Barcelona. Spanish media Marca said, “Barcelona decided to try a huge bomb offer to sign Mbappe. They were confident that they could make it happen using their most valuable assets in a situation that they could not afford financially.” According to the news, Barcelona has put Ousmane Dembele, Pablo Gavi, and Rafinha on the negotiating table,” he said, saying that Barcelona made an offer including the team’s best prospect Gabi instead of a transfer fee to bring Mbappe from PSG, but the offer was also immediately rejected by Mbappe. . 

In the end, the most powerful place among the remaining destinations is Real Madrid. Real was originally considered Mbappe’s most likely next destination, and everyone predicted that the team Mbappe would head to as a free agent after the 2023/24 season would also be Real. 

PSG started negotiating with Real Madrid, and many leading reporters pointed to Real Madrid. RMC Sports journalist Julien Lawrence said, “I want to say that the possibility of Mbappe signing for Real this summer is 100 percent,” and predicted that Mbappe would play for Real from the 2023/24 season unconditionally. 

Reporter José Felix Dias, who is familiar with Real news from Marca, also said about the probability of Mbappe’s transfer, “I think it’s around 60 percent. It’s closer to Real than PSG. Around the last week of August, less than 200 million euros (about 281.5 billion won) It can arrive at a price,” he predicted.

However, Real did not show an active appearance in the transfer of Mbappe. Externally, it seemed to have withdrawn from the negotiations a little because of the transfer fee negotiations and Mbappe’s intention to transfer. 

Marca said: “In recent days, Real Madrid already know how much PSG will charge for Mbappe this summer. It was revealed in a conversation with Real Madrid that they are trying to get a discount because the amount is burdensome right now.”

French media L’Equipe said: “Real president Florentino Pérez will not make any offer to PSG until Mbappe publicly announces his intention to move. This is how Real can put pressure on him until August 31. It is,” he explained, explaining that Real would only move after Mbappe’s transfer announcement came out. 

In the midst of this, the reason why Real has always been passive in negotiations has been revealed, and the direction of Mbappe transfer is unknown. 

Spanish media ‘Cadena Serre’ reported on the transfer of Mbappe on the 7th (Korean time), saying, “Real Madrid is a passive subject.”

“Can any club in the world pay for the contract Mbappe deserves right now? Everyone knows he could be moving in the next few months, but Real Madrid don’t have an intermediary or anything at the moment,” Cadena Ser said immediately. It is said that Real Madrid is not actively promoting the transfer of Mbappe. 

“If Mbappe leaves PSG, there is money that can allow him to transfer. He receives a contract bonus of 180 million euros (about 258.3 billion won) from PSG three times, and the royalties increase every year. In the first year, He received 70 million euros (about 100.4 billion won), 80 million euros (about 114.8 billion won) this year, and 90 million euros (about 129.1 billion won) if he plays until 2024.” He explained that Mbappe did not transfer because of the field. 

If all bonuses are still unpaid, except for the 70 million euros received in the first year, the club that takes Mbappe will have to guarantee him a bonus worth a whopping 350 million euros (approximately 582.8 billion won). 먹튀검증

Regarding clubs that can pay the bonus, the media said, “Other teams can’t pay. That’s impossible,” excluding PSG. 

Some French media have reported that the reason why Real wants Mbappe to reveal his will is because he may not have to pay a bonus if he reveals his intention to transfer. 

In the end, in order for Mbappe to transfer, it is expected that he will have no choice but to declare a transfer giving up the bonus, or to remain at PSG and transfer as a free agent after the club accepts all bonuses.

On the other hand, as the rumors of transfer to Mbappe continued, it was also reported that coach Luis Enrique was also feeling fatigued. 

Cadena Ser: “Coach Enrique is tired of the situation. According to French news, he is uncomfortable with Mbappe’s situation. And coach Enrique wants the most to find peace of mind about the Mbappe situation,” said Enrique, who also explained that he hopes the situation will stabilize soon. 

With Mbappe’s huge bonus problem, even Real is reluctant to make a proposal to sign Mbappe, and attention is paid to whether PSG can persuade Mbappe to make the decision to give up the bonus and transfer.

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