Professional basketball players Jeonju KCC and Goyang Carrot are one step closer to advancing to the playoffs in the round of 6.

In the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Wonju DB match held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 11th, KCC won a huge victory by 84-64, 20 points, thanks to active scoring support from domestic players.

KCC, which suffered a crushing loss to Changwon LG by 30 points in the last game, reversed the mood in one game with a sweeping victory.

6th place KCC (21-26), who broke a 2-game losing streak, maintained a ride with 7th place Suwon KT (20-27) as one game.

It is known that Heo Woong, the main scorer who left due to an ankle injury, will return sooner or later, and KCC’s future growth is expected.

On this day, KCC scored evenly among domestic players, centering on Laguna (21 points and 14 rebounds).

Jeong Chang-young contributed 13 points and 8 assists, and Jeon Jun-beom and Lee Geun-hwi provided 12 points each. Dion Thompson also scored 13 points.

DB (17-29) fell into a two-game losing streak, and the chances of advancing to the playoffs became slim. The ride with KCC took place in 3 and a half games.

Kim Jong-kyu scored 8 points and Kang Sang-jae scored nothing.

Goyang Carrot also changed the mood by beating LG 92-83.

5th place Carrot, who won 25 wins (22 losses)안전놀이터, is likely to advance to the playoffs in the round of 6. 2nd place LG (31 wins and 16 losses), which had been on a 4-game winning streak, was caught in the tail and the uptrend was dampened.

Second-year guard Lee Jung-hyun stood at the center of the victory with 30 points and 9 assists, and shooter Jeon Seong-hyun, who had recently faltered, also contributed 18 points.

However, if Carrot fails to pay KBL the unpaid membership fee (1 billion won) by the end of this month, it will be disqualified even if it enters the 6th place and advances to the playoffs are confirmed.

The team, including coach Kim Seung-gi, has a strong will to make it to the playoffs in the 6th round.

KT won a dramatic 86-83 victory against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation thanks to Jarod Jones’ final 3-point shot with 2 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

As they climbed to the top of 20 wins, they inherited the possibility of a playoff in the 6th round. 9th place KOGAS suffered 31 losses (17 wins).

KT allowed Devon Scott to score 3 points at the end of the 4th quarter, leading 83-30, but in the last attack, Jones succeeded in a 3-point shot following a one-on-one, putting an end to the game.

Dave Ildefonso (13 points), KT’s Filipino Asian Quarter, also contributed to the victory by making three 3-pointers in the fourth quarter.

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