On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong and Edman, who are likely to be the ‘Keystone Combi’, played only live betting instead of practice matches.

For what reason?


4 hours before the start of the practice game.

Ha-seong Kim and Edmund are the first to appear on the ground.

Major League players are only allowed to participate in two official practice matches according to the rules of the tournament, but there are two evaluation matches against the Japanese team next week, so today we checked the feeling of hitting with live betting.

Like the real game, Gu Chang-mo and Won Tae-in climbed the mound.

First, Edmon, a switch hitter.

Against left-hander Koo Chang-mo, he borrowed Kim Ha-seong’s helmet and stood at bat on the right side, and when he met right-hander Won Tae-in, he stood at bat on the left.

It was his first actual hit after joining the national team, and he hit a sharp ball.

Ha-seong Kim is also not far behind.

As if competing with Edmon, he coolly spins the bat.

The two players each reported two hits in eight at-bats.

Alright, this time it’s defense training.

I warm up by sticking to the catch ball.

As befits players who can play multiple positions, Kim Ha-seong plays at third base, and Edmon plays with his teammates at second base.

It catches even the most difficult balls, right?

I am looking forward to the performance of the two players, who are gradually becoming ‘soulmates’.

[Kim Ha-seong/WBC national team]
“We also talk about the defensive formation. In fact, he told me that it is the same (with the U.S.). I’m trying to take care of it as much as possible and stay by my side.”

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