Veteran Park Sang-hyun, who built his pride by being the only Korean player in the ‘Top 3’ at the European Professional Golf Tour (DP World Tour) event held in Korea in 10 years, felt both satisfaction and regret at the same time. revealed

At a press conference카지노사이트 after the final round of the Korea Championship held at Incheon Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea on the 30th, Park Sang-hyun said, “It was a longer journey than ever. It felt like I played for about two weeks, not a week.” expressed his feelings.

Park Sang-hyun, who competed in the lead throughout this tournament, recorded a final total of 9 under par 279 strokes, finishing in a tie for 3rd place, 3 strokes behind winner Pablo Larazabal (Spain).

With the third round disrupted by bad weather the previous day, Park Sang-hyun, who played the remaining four holes first and then made a forced march to the final round, started the final round with a tie for second place by a stroke and did not achieve a come-from-behind victory, but achieved the best performance among Korean players. left

In particular, the picture-like ‘Chip in Eagle’ on the 14th hole (par 4) to press the lead by one stroke was a memorable scene in this tournament.

Looking back, Park Sang-hyun said, “Today, I’m going to take only one hole, the 14th hole. There were so many regrets.” Park Sang-hyun said, “Especially, the putt didn’t go well from the second round. I had enough chances in the second half today, but the birdie putt on the 15th hole was missed and the flow went down. It continued until the 17th hole bogey,” he said.

Then he said, “I would have won if I was 5 years younger… It was a bit difficult because my legs loosened at the last minute,” he said with a smile, saying, “I wonder if there was a cool scene in my own way at the 14th hole.”

Park Sang-hyun, who has 11 wins in the Korean Tour, was born in 1983 and turned 40 on the 24th of this month, but he is still maintaining his position as the top player on the tour.

He also finished runner-up after competing for the championship at the DB Insurance Pro Me Open, the opening match of this year’s Korean Tour, and also performed well in this tournament.

Park Sang-hyun said, “Honestly, I am amazed that I can hit this far. I focus on driver accuracy, short game, approach, and putt in my style, so if I just follow the flow, I get good grades.” It seems to come out,” he said.

He said, “There are too many players in Korea who hit the ball better than me. However, when I look at my juniors, they see famous players on TV and think they’re cool, so they try to hit them cool too. “If you make your own organs and play golf in your own style, that’s cool,” he emphasized.

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