Park Hee-young, the mayor of Yongsan-gu in Seoul, who was detained for failing to respond to the October 29 disaster, has been released on bail and will return to work today.

The bereaved families, outraged by her shamelessness, plan to block her from going to work.

Kim Ji-in is a reporter.

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Park Hee-young, the mayor of Yongsan-gu in Seoul, walks out of the main entrance of the detention center with a bag.

10.29 The bereaved families of the tragedy protest furiously안전놀이터.

Mayor Park walks out surrounded by police, egg yolk thrown by someone splatters on his face.

[Park Hee-young/ Mayor of Yongsan-gu, Seoul]
“<Do you have anything to say to the bereaved families?”

Mayor Park, who hadn’t said a word, finally spoke up after being pulled away from the bereaved families by police.

[Hee-young Park, Mayor of Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea]
” I’m so sorry.”

Some of the bereaved families ran back to Park, who was heading for his car, and protested vigorously.

When asked about his health, Park coughed.

[Park Hee-young/Seoul’s Yongsan-gu Mayor]
“<You complained of mental illness, but are you going to return to work immediately?”

As Mayor Park drove away in his car, some of the bereaved families sat on the sidewalk.

[Bereaved family]
“Oh, I’m so… shameless… Oh, I’m going crazy…”

10.29 Park, who was detained late last year on charges of failing to respond to the disaster, requested bail, saying he was “suffering from panic disorder due to the shock of the disaster.”

The court decided to release him with conditions, including restrictions on his residence and the payment of a bond.

Park’s duties as mayor were also restored, but the bereaved families plan to block her from going to work.

The bereaved families have also decided to start a vigil in front of the National Assembly, demanding that a special law be enacted to investigate the truth of the October 29 disaster.

[Lee Jung-min/Acting President of the Bereaved Families Council].
“On October 29, 2022, there was not enough safety. No, there was none.”

The bereaved families also decided to hold a civic march from the memorial at Seoul Plaza to the National Assembly at 10:29 a.m. every day to commemorate October 29, the day the tragedy occurred.

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