Kiwoom Ace Ahn Woo-jin (24), considered the best domestic pitcher in professional He won two crowns last year, including an earned run average (ERA) of 2.11 and 224 strikeouts.

In particular, strikeouts are the second-highest record in a single season. Ariel Miranda set a record with 225 in 2021, when she played for Doosan, surpassing the 223 set by the late Choi Dong-won in 1984 during Lotte. Ahn Woo-jin is short by one, but it is the highest record for a domestic player.

This year, Ahn Woo-jin also ranks first in strikeouts. With 161, he is 15 ahead of Eric Peddy (NC), who is second. However, it is not easy to guarantee the second straight victory of the strikeout king. With 40 games left for NC and 27 games left for Kiwoom, Peddy’s chances to start may increase.

An Woo-jin’s strikeout pace seems to have fallen slightly compared to last year. Ahn Woo-jin caught 224 strikeouts in 30 games in the 2022 season, approaching 7.5 per game. He was about 30 more than Drew Luchinski (then NC), who was second in strikeouts. An Woo-jin is striking out just seven per game with 161 in 23 games this year.

On the 25th, An Woo-jin started an expedition with Samsung in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, and led a 7-4 victory with 6 innings, 7 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs. He earned his 9th win (7 losses) of the season. However, there was only one strikeout.

After the game, Ahn Woo-jin analyzed, “I tried not to give points on the mound, so I tended to pitch mainly with fastballs like today.” He added, “Last year, I varied the pattern, but this year, there is a tendency to try to match with a fastball.”

Therefore, in the rest of the game, I try to use a variety of pitches. An Woo-jin said, “I will discuss with the power analysis team and mix the curve in the next game.토토사이트

Ahn Woo-jin, who played in the All-Star Game last year. raise
In fact,

An Woo-jin’s direct purchase ratio increased this year compared to last year. The share of fastballs, which was 38.3% for right-handed hitters and 47.2% for left-handed hitters last year, increased to 43.3% for right-handed hitters and 57.1% for left-handed hitters this year. As such, the proportion of strikeout balls also increased from 31% to 34% this year. That means he threw a lot of fastballs.

However, director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom gave a somewhat different interpretation. Before the game on the 26th, coach Hong said, “Last year, because he threw so well, opponent batters also analyze and prepare for An Woo-jin and go to bat.” did.

Ahn Woo-jin is performing well this year with an ERA of 2.43. However, he did not follow his luck, so he stayed with 9 wins (7 losses). Coach Hong said, “That is the destiny of the ace,” and said, “It is not easy for batters to score points as there is a high possibility of confrontation with the opponent’s first starter.”

In response, An Woo-jin said, “I hear that it is unfortunate, but if this continues, the beasts will be burdened, and I want to get rid of that part at the last minute.” He continued, “I want the team to win all the remaining games on the mound day.”

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