Photo_Dalila Palma (left), Giovanna Milana (right)

The women’s tryout took place on the second day카지노사이트.

The 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) women’s tryout was held on the 12th (local time) at the second practice game at Hasan Doan Sport Complexi (Bachchelliebler) in Turkiye Istanbul. Compared to the schedule on the first day, the players’ movements seemed a bit lighter. The coaches of the club also said, “My skills are much better than yesterday (11th).”

One by one, outlines were drawn. Heungkuk Life Insurance was the only one who chose to renew the contract, and the rest of the clubs started looking for new faces. Moma Basoko Letizia and Yasmin Bedart, who played in the V-League, are also likely to be re-designated, but we expect to see several new faces in the V-League.

Players who received good reviews on the first day were also highly rated this time around. Dalila Palma (193cm, OP, Cuba) was mentioned the most in the apogee. The sound of hitting the ball was extraordinary. He boasted strong power and showed off his presence, catching the attention of the team considering an apogee.

There were also parts that were regrettable. It is a rather passive character. One club manager said, “As outsiders have to take on the most offense in the team, responsibility and leadership on the court must be shown. Basically, the physical is well equipped, but the external part seems to be regrettable.”

Giovanna Milana (186cm, OH, USA) was ranked first for the outside heater position. He said, “The basic skills are good, and the offense looks good,” and “There are many players who are better than Giovanna in offense, but they are the best in receiving and defense.”

The bright expression also approached positively. During the practice game, he showed a bright appearance and received applause while showing his hustle play to catch the ball.

Banja Burikichi (198cm, OP, Serbia) and Sharon Chechumna (186cm, OP, Kenya) were also mentioned following the previous day, while Willow Johnson (190cm, OP, USA) was newly mentioned. She is a left-handed apogee spiker. She is also the daughter of Randy Johnson, who is considered the best pitcher in American MLB history. Although her movements were a bit sluggish, her resolution in open attacks was not bad.

In addition, Bruna Brankovic (189cm, OH, Croatia) was also newly nominated. On the 13th local time, the foreign player draft will be held. Who will be the new player to step on the stage of the V-League?

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