In Las Vegas there is a casino with a miniature (but still huge) Eiffel Tower replica straddling it, there’s another with fountains that dance to music. There’s a hotel decked out like a castle with different coloured turrets and another that is literally a scaled down version of New York with a rollercoaster wrapped around it. Go to Macau and you will find casino’s that look as if they have been lifted from a Bond film. The point is this – spectacle. They are putting on a show. 카지노

On this site we talk mainly about the world of online casinos, which offer a completely different experience when it comes to placing bets and having fun. There is nothing physical to admire or enjoy as there is in Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau; but it could be argued that it is a much more convenient way to have a bit of fun in your own home.

An obvious question then might be why would someone would choose a quiet night in over putting on their glad rags and heading out into the glitz and glamour? This page is an attempt to weigh up the pros and cons of each, hopefully helping you to understand why either one might be more your style.

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