Will there be a ‘young home run king’ for the first time in a long time? Noh Shi-hwan, a ‘2000-born big hitter’, hit three home runs in one game yesterday (Sept. 9) and is leading the league in home runs, but how did he do it?

Onnuri reporter.


< Hanwha 6:12 KT|Suwon Stadium (Yesterday) >

Noh Si-hwan hit a grand slam over the left field fence in the first inning, then hit another grand slam over the left field fence in the third inning, and then hit another solo home run over the center field fence in the eighth inning.

[Noh Si Hwan/Han Hwa: I hit my first three home runs when I came to the pros and now I’m leading the league in home runs, so I feel good that the direction or plan I made this season is working].

After gradually increasing his home run count since his debut in 2019, Noh struggled with six home runs last year after changing his batting form, but this year he reverted to his batting form and focused on hitting the long ball.바카라

[Noh Shi-hwan/Hanhwa: I think I made the biggest change in timing and hitting point, with a swing that is shorter in the back and a little longer in the front].

His unique kneeling stance is also a fan favorite.

[Noh Si Hwan/Han Hwa : I think it comes out when I’m properly powered up, so thank you for calling it a signature pose and I hope I can please the fans a lot with the pose].

With a five-run gap to the second-place finisher, Noh’s chances of becoming a home run king grow.

In Korean baseball, the “20-year-old home run king” was introduced seven years ago, and only Lee Seung-yeop and Jang Jong-hoon became home run kings before the age of twenty-three like Noh Si-hwan.

The last home run king from Hanwha was Kim Tae-gyun in 2008.

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