Kim Shin-wook, who entered the Singapore stage, dreams of a new challenge. He is thinking about returning to Hong Kong and the K-League.  스포츠토토

A soccer source said, “Kim Shin-wook has signed a contract with Singapore’s Lion City. Kim Shin-wook has received transfer offers from various leagues,” adding, “Especially, Hong Kong has received intensive attention. Hong Kong Kitsch is attracting great attention to recruit Kim Shin-wook, Asia’s top striker. We are also pushing for a long-term contract with the highest annual salary in the history of the Hong Kong league.” 

Kim Shin-wook, who joined Lion City led by manager Kim Do-hoon in 2021, showed great performance. Last year, Kim Shin-wook scored 21 goals in 26 matches in the league. Kitchee, who watched his performance in Singapore, actively sent a love call to Kim Shin-wook. 

Kim Shin-wook finished happily with Lion City. He readily accepted his will to take on a new challenge. Born in 1988, Kim Shin-wook wanted the last challenge, and Lion City decided to finish with Kim Shin-wook after much consideration. Regarding Kim Shin-wook, who had to leave Lion City, Kitchee was the first to actively step forward. 

Agents came out when they heard that Kim Shin-wook, who had made a name for himself as a post-Asian striker, would become a free agent. The news of Kim Shin-wook was announced to the clubs that needed a forward striker. While Kitchie in Hong Kong sent a love call, K-League clubs were also informed of his news. 

As a result, the possibility of returning to the K-League opened up. In particular, clubs in the metropolitan area and multiple regional clubs actively stepped forward to recruit Kim Shin-wook. These are the clubs where the need for a forward striker has emerged. 

Kim Shin-wook, a 196 cm tall striker, was the 2013 K-League MVP and the 2015 K-League top scorer, and scored 132 goals and 31 assists in 350 K-League games. 

He also played an active part in the national team by taking advantage of the tall striker. He played in the 2011 Asian Cup in Qatar, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and the 2018 World Cup in Russia, playing 56 matches and scoring 16 goals. 

Although he played in China and Singapore, he is still regarded as the best striker in Asia. While it is difficult to find strikers with formidable height and strength, interest from various leagues and clubs is pouring in as Kim Shin-wook shows his will to take on new challenges. /

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