Woori Card and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will face off in the third round. The two teams will start the match at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 17th.

The home team, Woori Card, is in 5th place with 7 wins, 6 losses and 18 points. In the midst of fierce competition for the mid-ranking team, they have been cruising with three consecutive victories recently, but they are having a difficult time due to the departure of foreign player Agamez due to injury.

The away team, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, is at the bottom with 2 wins, 12 losses and 8 points. It’s a difficult situation with the last 6 losses in a row. Through today’s game, we are aiming to break out of the losing streak.

On the 14th, Woori Card met Hyundai Capital with a lineup of domestic players. The result was a 1-3 defeat. Apposite Spiker Lee Kang-Won was selected as the starting pitcher, and Na Gyeong-Bok and Kim Ji-Han were in charge of outside hitters. Lee Sang-hyun and Park Jun-hyeok stood in midfield, and Oh Jae-seong Libero coordinated the defensive line amid the coordination of setter Hwang Seung-bin. It is our card that is highly likely to go out with this system today. 토토

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost 1-3 to KB Insurance on the 13th and failed to escape from losing streak. At that time, KB was in a situation where foreign player Nicola was missing. However, Samsung Fire & Marine started by giving away the first set 23-25, and won the second set 25-23, but both the third and fourth sets were weak. In particular, it was pushed to 14-18 in blocking. I couldn’t break through the opponent’s blocker at every important moment. In addition, there were 26 crime rooms, 10 more than the opponent.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance meets an opponent without foreign players for two consecutive games. It is a chance to win and add victory points. The key is whether we can make use of this opportunity today.

Samsung Fire puts the offensive power of Ikbairi and Kim Jeong-ho at the forefront. Shin Jang-ho and Go Jun-yong take turns in Kim Jeong-ho’s daegak. Today, Wing Spiker’s overwhelming appearance is needed to solve the game.

Both teams faced each other twice this season, and Woori Card was victorious. The first round match on October 29th ended 3-1, and the second round match on November 18th was 3-2. Even in the second round, Woori Card played without foreign players. At the time, Andric and Agamez were in the process of being replaced. Immediately after the trade with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Kim Jeong-ho energized the team.

how about today Obviously, there are parts that are similar to those times and parts that are not, so attention is focused on the process and results of the game. The game starts at 2:00 PM. The match will be held at the easily accessible Jangchung Gymnasium. It can also be viewed through SBS Sports and Naver Sports.