The Dominican Republic, which is mentioned as a strong candidate for the championship at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), met another bad news.

This time, right-handed bullpen pitcher Jose LeClock (30, Texas Rangers) left due to injury.

ESPN quoted Texas coach Bruce Bochy on the 3rd (Korean time) and said, “Le Clock felt discomfort in his neck and decided not to compete in the WBC.”

“It’s not a major injury, but we didn’t think it would be wise to send Le Clock to the WBC when he wasn’t in 100 percent fitness,” said coach Bochy. I understand your position,” he said.

LeClock made his big league debut in Texas in 2016 and played six seasons. His MLB career record is 6-13 with 36 saves and 36 holds with a 3.12 earned run average.

LeClock, who underwent elbow ligament surgery (Tommy John surgery) in 2020, missed the entire 2021 season. LeClock, who returned in June of last year, pitched in 39 games and recorded 3 losses without a win, 9 saves and 4 holds, and an average ERA of 2.83.

Texas held back LeClock’s participation in the WBC when he had problems with his physical condition, who is likely to play as a closer this year.메이저놀이터

In the Dominican Republic, Luis Severino (New York Yankees), Luis Castillo (Seattle Mariners), and Flamber Valdez (Houston Astros) failed to join due to opposition from their team.

As Le Clock was also missing, power weakening was unavoidable.

The Dominican Republic will play the first round of the WBC in Group D, along with Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel and Nicaragua. The first round of Group D will be held at Londippo Park in Miami, California, USA, from March 11-15.

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