NCsoft announced that it토스카지노 would release everything that corresponds to the official version in the beta test ahead of the release of ‘Throne and Liberty ( TL )’. As it is a game aimed at the global market, attention is focused on whether it will try to differentiate itself from ‘Lineage’ in its profit model ( BM ) strategy. According to the game industry, NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, hereinafter NC) will start a beta test ( CBT

) with 10,000 people for a week from the 24th . TL , which will be released on PC and console platforms , is a large-scale multi-access role-playing game ( MMORPG ) that NC is developing as the next intellectual property ( IP ) targeting Western countries such as North America and Europe after the ‘Lineage’ series. According to the company, the game is a seamless world and dungeon that changes according to the weather and environment, a narrative that connects the past, present and future, a ‘free class’ in which the role changes depending on the user’s choice, and a user can choose whether or not to participate. It is characterized by a user battle ( PvP ) system. NC is TL ‘s BM in line with global standards.

It was also predicted that it would show a clear difference from the existing ‘Lineage Brothers’. Existing NC games such as Lineage M, Lineage 2M, and Lineage W have been criticized for adopting ‘ P2W ‘ BMs that rely heavily on charging to win in competition with users .

Earlier, at the performance presentation in May of last year, a year ago, Chief Financial Officer Hong Won-joon ( CFO ) emphasized, “There is a will to clearly show a different strategy from existing NC games in all aspects, such as BM , play method, and content.”

At the 2023 Q1 performance presentation on the 10th, CFO Hong also mentioned that “because of the characteristics of the global market, we are establishing a monetization strategy that takes into account universality.”

TL is also a key lineup that will lead NC’s next performance. NC recorded the highest annual sales record last year thanks to the Lineage series, but sales and operating profit in the first quarter fell by 39% and 67%, respectively, compared to the same period last year as ‘Lineage W’ sales decreased.

In this test, NC said, “We plan to provide paid currency to users and provide the experience of purchasing products with a version that is equivalent to the official release.” BM at the CBT stage among domestic gamesIt is unusual to fully disclose and support payment testing. As BM is applied equally worldwide as a global one-build , it is interpreted as trying to strengthen feedback in BM design. Amazon Games, the global publisher of TL , will also conduct a separate global test in the future.

Kim Jin-goo, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, said, “( TL ) is a strategic decision to apply a B2P ( Buy to Play , a structure that continues to use with one purchase) business model that limits P2W in order to secure meaningful financial results in the Western world. ” Emphasized.

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