I said ‘maybe’, but it was ‘as expected’. The dream of setting the highest Korean men’s marathon record, which was expected to be set in 23 years, collapsed in vain at the 14.4km mark.

Oh Joo-han (35, Cheongyang-gun Office, South Chungcheong Province), a marathon runner who was naturalized in Kenya in 2018, set a record of 2 hours 05 minutes 13 seconds at the Seoul International Marathon in

However, in preparation for the 2023 Seoul International Marathon in Kaptagap, Kenya, at an altitude of 2,300m above sea level, his record for the full course of strengthening training over the past six months was 2 hours and 6 minutes.

Therefore, it was expected that Oh Joo-han would easily break the Korean record of 2:07:20 set by Lee Bong-ju (53) at the Tokyo Marathon on February 13, 2000, but he had to drop out midway due to sudden back pain.

However, if the back pain turns out to be a temporary phenomenon, a ray of hope remains as he can challenge the Daegu or Gunsan marathon held in April.

Oh Joo-han, sudden back pain due to chilly weatherOn the 19th, the 2023 Seoul International Marathon and the 93rd Dong-A Marathon took place on the 42.195km course between Gwanghwamun and Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. Oh Joo-han, who won the domestic event on April 17 last year with a time of 2 hours 11 minutes 16 seconds despite not being in normal condition, seemed to show confidence in the race from the beginning of the day based on solid winter training.

However, Oh Joo-han, who passed the first 5km mark in 14 minutes and 51 seconds as the only Korean runner in the leading group of 12 players, was gradually pushed back from the 7km mark, and at the 10km mark along with Park Min-ho (24, Kolon), he was 5 behind the lead group바카라사이트. It was taken at 30 minutes and 24 seconds late.

However, from the 12km point, she often touched her lower back and seemed to feel pain, and gave up the game about 600m before the 15km point. It was the moment when the nightmare of withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics in August 2021 and the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, USA in July last year was revived.

Joo-Han Oh was loaded into a truck carrying the losers and received first aid at a massage room near the finish line at Jamsil Stadium, but the back pain continued.

Trainer Oh said, “I can’t understand Joohan’s sudden back pain after enduring intense training in Kenya for the past six months. I wonder if the rather chilly weather (temperature 3.4℃) at the start of the race (8:00 a.m.) did not affect Juhan, who is weak against the cold.”

Trainer Oh added, “If Joo-Han’s back pain turns out to be temporary, he will participate in the Daegu International Marathon or the Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon scheduled for April to try to break the Korean record and secure the right to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.”

Park Min-ho, 2 hours and 10 minutes breakthrough time problemMeanwhile, at the 2023 Seoul Marathon held on the 19th, Park Min-ho and Jeong Da-eun (26, K-water) each set personal best records and climbed to the top of the male and female divisions in Korea, taking a step closer to qualifying as a national representative for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

Park Min-ho shortened his previous record (2 hours 11 minutes 43 seconds) by 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds. Park Min-ho, who recorded 2 hours 15 minutes 45 seconds in 2019 and 2 hours 13 minutes 43 seconds in 2021, is now on the verge of breaking through the 2 hours 10 minute barrier.

2016. However, it is not an exaggeration to say that this record is meaningless as it was recorded 7 years ago.

Jeong Da-eun also cut her previous record by nearly 4 minutes to 2 hours 28 minutes 32 seconds, breaking the 2 hour 30 minute barrier for the 9th time in Korean women’s marathon history.

The Korea Association of Athletics Federations is planning to select two representatives, a man and a woman, representing Hangzhou by examining the records of domestic and international marathons held between January and April this year.

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