An apartment complex in Songdo, Incheon, is suffering from an outbreak of horn flies안전놀이터.

Recently, residents of an apartment complex in Songdo, Incheon, have been asking each other, “Is everything okay there?” whenever they get together, according to Yonhap News Agency.

This is because since last month, a large number of horn flies and horn fly eggs have appeared in various parts of the apartment.

A resident of the apartment, Mr. A, said, “Now, when I see other residents, I ask them, ‘How is the situation,’ as a greeting.” He said that his wife catches horn flies every day until dawn, but after a few days, they return to their original state and are almost sick with neuroses.

The horn fly is an insect that belongs to the horn fly family of the Diptera order, and has been found in Songdo in large numbers for the first time in 15 years since 2008.

Of the 1,820 units in the apartment complex, which started moving in at the end of February this year, only a few hundred units have applied for repairs related to horn flies. As the number of affected households grows, so does the backlash from residents. The prospective tenants’ council sent a letter to the construction company through a law firm demanding that the entire apartment be inspected, the horn flies eradicated, and furniture replaced.

In response, the construction company reportedly doubled the manpower of the existing disinfection company and is proceeding with the disinfection sequentially.

Another tenant, Mr. B, said, “Even if I get rid of the horn flies that I can see every day, they reappear again, and it’s very painful.” He added, “I wonder if I can use the furniture even if I get rid of them.”

As a result of the situation, some tenants are suddenly canceling their contracts. Others who have not yet moved in are reportedly claiming that their contracts are invalid.

Meanwhile, the apartment construction company has decided to conduct a survey of all households in the event that horn flies continue to occur even after multiple disinfections.

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