The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 19th that it will intensively publicize the regulations for companions in May, when outings with dogs increase.

As the Animal Protection Act, which was fully amended last year, took effect on the 27th of last month after a period of one year, the companion’s animal management obligations and compliance have been strengthened.

The law has been revised, and a new duty has been established to ensure that not only fierce dogs such as Tosa dogs and pit bull terriers, but also general companion dogs do not leave the place where they raise companion animals without a guardian안전놀이터. Guardians must keep their dog on a leash or chest leash and keep the length of the leash within 2m.

In public spaces inside buildings such as hallways, elevators, officetels, and dormitories, special care must be taken, such as holding dogs directly or holding them on a short leash.

When going out with fierce dogs, you must wear a leash and a muzzle, but not a harness. Guardians must also receive regular training on safe breeding for three hours each year.

Violation of various obligations may result in imprisonment for up to three years or a fine of up to 30 million won, or fines for negligence.

After the grace period of the revised law, from April 27 next year, the ‘wild dog breeding permit system’ will be introduced. Wild dog guardians must obtain permission from the city to breed after completing animal registration, liability insurance, and neutering.

Those who have raised fierce dogs in the past must obtain permission for breeding within six months after the date of enforcement of the system, and breeding without permission is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 10 million won.

In addition, the city advised that dogs and cats must be registered. You can pay 10,000 won at an agency such as a nearby veterinary hospital, and if the guardian or guardian’s address or phone number changes, you must report the change. If a dog is not registered, the guardian will be fined up to 600,000 won.

In addition, when taking a walk with your dog, you are asked to attach an identification tag and collect excrement.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and each autonomous district plan to publicize the regulations for dog owners in city parks, Hangang parks, and walking trails, where there are many dog ​​accesses, starting this month.

A public-private joint inspection team will be organized with the autonomous districts to crack down on animal abuse and conduct regular inspections of animal-related businesses.

Yoo Yeong-bong, Director of Green City Leisure in Seoul, said, “Both companions and non-companions should be able to live a safe and happy daily life.

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