“I want to make my parents happy and shine the school’s honor by winning a medal at the National Youth Sports Festival.”

Park Seong-gyu (52kg class) and Go Yun-soo 바카라사이트(50kg class) of Yeoncheon Gunnam Middle School (Principal Lee Hee-ho), who will compete as boxing representatives for Gyeonggi-do at the 52nd National Boys Sports Festival, which opens on the 27th, are a rural school with less than 50 students, but they are fierce. He showed the taste of his fists and expressed his determination to win the prize.

Gunnam Middle School, attended by 3rd year classmates Park Seong-gyu and Go Yun-su, is a small school with a total of 36 students and 9 3rd year male students.

Park Seong-gyu and Ko Yun-soo, children of multicultural families, entered boxing with the idea of ​​doing filial piety to their parents through sports during winter vacation in the first year of middle school, and their careers have not yet been two years. However, both of them are highly anticipated and are aiming for a prize together in this competition with excellent skills and tenacity.

In particular, Park Seong-kyu won the gold medal at the National Rookie Boxing Competition last year and won the runner-up at the National Championships in April this year. Ko Yun-soo has yet to win a prize in a national competition, but Kim Jong-hoon (53), director of the Star Boxing Club in Yeoncheon, who guides them, says that a medal is possible considering his skill and luck.

Park Seong-kyu’s advantage is that he uses all-weather boxing with good speed and ability to hit repeatedly, while Go Yun-soo, who is left-handed, uses out-boxing with his main weapon, the straight.

After school, the two of them usually trained at the gym for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. As the Youth Sports Festival approached, they held joint training for the provincial representative in Seongnam for 4 days last week. will receive special care.

Park Seong-gyu said, “I will definitely win the gold medal and give it to my father who raised me alone. And I will devote myself to training more to achieve my dream of becoming a national team member. After that, I want to train hard to achieve my dream as a player and run a gym.”

On the other hand, Kim Jong-hoon, director of the Star Boxing Club, who is pouring his interest and passion into supporting athletes in difficult environments, said, “If (Park) Seong-gyu and (the late) Yoon-soo do not give up and train steadily, they will grow into good players in the future.” “There are many players from multicultural families and single-parent families in Yeoncheon-gun. I hope that local governments and surroundings will pay a lot of attention so that they can grow without losing their dreams.”

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