“I only hate them, I like all the other teams”.

“I respect and like all the teams I’ve played for,” Jose Mourinho said in a media interview on 26 June. The only exception is Tottenham,” he publicly sniped.

Tottenham sacked Antonio Conte in March, citing poor results. The club then handed the job of acting head coach to first-team coach Christian Stellini, who was also sacked for the same reason. As a result, Tottenham have been coached by Ryan Mason as an ‘acting’ manager메이저사이트.

With no immediate manager in place for next season, several names have been mentioned as the next Spurs manager. From Julian Nagelsmann, who was sacked by Bayern Munich this season, to Xabi Alonso of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Mauricio Pochettino, and most recently Arne Schott of Feyenoord Rotterdam.

Slott, in particular, seemed to be close to a move to Tottenham, even referring to himself as ‘going to London’. But things have changed. After being informed that Feyenoord would have to pay a hefty penalty if Slott were to leave, the club ended their interest in him.

The back-to-back managerial changes at Tottenham once again put chairman Daniel Levy on the chopping block. He has once again plunged the club into crisis, with player transfers and managerial transfers showing a disorganised operation that can hardly be called a big club.

There was a man to blame. Mourinho, who was sacked by Tottenham. He arrived at Roma after spells at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Tottenham. After struggling at United and Tottenham, Mourinho has come full circle at Roma.

Mourinho led Roma to the Europa Conference title last season and the Europa League final this season.

Ultimately, Mourinho’s DNA of winning trophies with every team he plays for is still there, and it’s a DNA that didn’t work for Tottenham.

Notably, Spurs sacked Mourinho just before the Carling Cup final. At the time, media reports suggested that Levy was afraid that he would not be able to sack Mourinho if they won the trophy ahead of the Super League.

Mourinho hasn’t forgotten that: “I don’t want Tottenham fans to get the wrong idea. “Tottenham is the club I feel the furthest away from in my entire career,” he said, “maybe because of the coronavirus, but also because Levy sacked me just before the final.

“I respect all the other clubs. “I respect all the other clubs, not to lie, but because I feel that they loved me, at least when I was their manager,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mourinho, who has been rumoured to be leaving Roma, said: “The same goes for Roma. Like my old club, we will be one forever,” he said, adding, “Only one. Except for Mr Levy’s club,” he said, pledging his friendship.

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