‘Modern pentathlon middle school strongest’ Min So-yoon (Seoul Weight) won three gold medals in three consecutive competitions.

Min So-yoon won a gold medal in the women’s middle school triathlon at the ‘Haenam Korea Modern Pentathlon Open International Competition and the 34th National Modern Pentathlon Competition’ organized by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Haenam on the 13th. walked on

Min So-yoon, who previously won three gold medals in the youth athletics and championships, achieved the great feat of winning three gold medals in a row in her three competitions.

Min So-yun said, “She is happy to win, but it was disappointing that she did not live up to the record she expected. She will repay her with better results in the next competition,” she revealed.

In the women’s high school quadruple event, Kim Na-yeon (Daegu Physical High School) won two gold medals in the individual and team events.토토사이트

Nayeon Kim, who had an overwhelming record of 29 wins and 4 losses in the fencing event, also crossed the finish line with her second fastest time in her laser run to claim her individual gold medal.

She also won the gold medal in the team event, where she combined scores with Lee Ga-young, Kim Se-won, and Lim Seo-hyun, and achieved two gold medals in the event.

In the women’s general pentathlon, national team member Sumin Yoo (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) won two gold medals in the individual and team events.

In this competition, the final race on the 14th, the laser run relay, will determine the winners of the general and high school divisions.

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